Why My Ford Fusion AC Smells Like Gas?

When you turn on the air conditioner in your Ford Fusion do you often have an air conditioner smell that is weird or repugnant? Don’t worry the article discusses ford fusion ac smells like gas? So, read until the read. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

What Are The Reasons Behind Ford Fusion Ac Smells Like Gas?

The most common reasons would make your Fusion smell like gas outside of a fuel leak itself.

1. Fuel Vapor Exposure

If you have just gassed up, you may have pulled somewhere where fuel was on the ground.  If so then it can make its way up into your Fusion’s cabin.  When this happens, the problem slowly goes away and should not return. If it doesn’t seem to dissipate, it’s time to move on to the next potential problem.

If you are consistently gassing up and smelling gas after, you can rule this one out.  There is one slight exception though.  If you are a person that likes to squeeze in the last half-gallon by making the pump click five times, know that your Fusion was not meant to be fueled like that. You’ll smell gas until it is no longer overfilled.

2. Gas Cap

The gas cap’s work is to keep the fuel vapour and fuel in the gas tank.  Its seal can go bad over time. Once that happens, it’ll begin to let fuel vapour out and into the air. Since it’s behind the driver, you really shouldn’t smell the smell of gas unless you are going down the road.

There are several other possible reasons for the Ford Fusion’s AC. If the car has been sitting in the sun for a long time then it will smell like gasoline, the problem is likely to be due to a dirty evaporator. For this problem, you’ll need to clean the evaporator. However, it’s not a simple task. You’ll need to remove the dashboard to access the evaporator.

How To Fix This Problem?

For this, you should first check the air filter. If it hasn’t been changed in a while, the filter should be replaced. If this is not the case, then you can also use a power washer to clean it. Just be sure to set the pressure to low, as high pressure will damage the fins of the condenser. A new filter will cost you 65 to 110 euros and will make your car’s air conditioning system smell better.

Replace The Cabin Or Pollen Filter Of Your Ford Fusion

The filter which is designed to stop impurities from getting into the cabin of your car must be replaced every year and can store bad smells, It’s very simple to do. You can use a power washer to rinse the filter and replace the air filter. If you don’t have a power washer, you can also clean the condenser with a sponge. Just remember to set the pressure to low, as high pressure may damage the fins.

The dirt that amasses in your car will promote the expansion of germs and therefore bad odours, cleaning your Ford Fusion on a regular will allow you to take out many of the origins of these.

Another common cause of the Ford Fusion AC smelling like gas is a dirty evaporator. Though the cabin air filter captures most of the airborne particles, a few fall towards the evaporator. The dust particles stick to the evaporator’s fins and block the airflow, which leads to poor cooling. Luckily, cleaning the evaporator is a relatively simple task, but it’s not as simple as you might think. You will nairfloweed to remove the dashboard and the hood to access the evaporator. For proper cleaning, it’s best to hire a workshop.

Solutions For GettingThe Bad Smell Out Of My Ford Fusion?

Now that you know where to look to uncover the cause of this smell, we will try to help you to get rid of bad air conditioning odours on your Ford Fusion because in addition to being uneasy these odours can be harmful to your airways, it is therefore important to get rid of them quickly.


The article discusses ford fusion ac smells like gas. Hope the information was useful and you enjoyed reading the article. If you have any queries with mentioned information then please feel free to comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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