Why Car Will Not Turn Off When Key Is Removed?

It’s a strange problem to have a car will not turn off when key is removed or press the Engine Stop button. Your machine will continue to run when you remove the key from the ignition because the energy pump isn’t shutting off. This problem is generally caused by a defective energy pump relay or an imperfect ignition switch.

This composition looks at why your machine will not turn off when removing the key and what you can do to stop the machine.

What Does My Auto’s Ignition Switch Do?

Your auto’s ignition, starter, or start switch is essential to keeping your vehicle on the road. It has an integral part in cranking the central electrical systems of the car. Without a working ignition switch, you might notice that your auto refuses to start, or you might not be suitable to operate the radio or power windows.

Generally, the ignition switch requires a key. Once the key is placed in the ignition, it can be turned to start the auto. Still, in newer makes and models, the key is occasionally replaced with a button. Whether your car has a crucial or a button, pressing the button or turning the key does the same thing. It sends a signal to your vehicle to begin the ignition process.

When you put the key into the keyhole, you should be suitable to turn the key all the way. That action will start the auto. Alternately, you can use the key to turn off your machine or put your automobile into appurtenant mode. If any of the parts is damaged the car will not turn off when key is removed.

There are four positions for your auto’s ignition switch.

 1. Position Cinch:

This is the”off” position. Your accessories, like the radio, will not work, and your key may be removed from the keyhole. Your steering wheel may also be locked.

 2. Position Accessory:

In appurtenant mode, you’ll be suitable to use your accessories, like the radio. It will not be appropriate to remove your key from the keyhole.

 3. Position On:

This Position turns on all of your accessories and electronics. It will not be suitable to remove your key from the keyhole. The key in the keyhole will also overpass to this Position after you coil the machine.

 4. Position Launch:

Still, your key will be in this Position, If you turn your key all the way. This will turn on your machine and all of your accessories. If you hold your key in this position for too long, it can damage your starter.


  •  The auto will not turn off when removing the key.
  • The key out of the ignition auto still runs.
  • The auto keeps running after the ignition is turned off.
  • The machine won’t stop when you press the Engine Stop button.

Don’t try to dissociate the battery. It isn’t recommended to start removing arbitrary fuses. Your auto may not renew formerly you get it turned off—Park the vehicle in a safe position where it ok demesne.

 Step 1:

Drive your auto to a safe position. Keep in mind that your automobile may not start again after you get it to turn off. So drive it home or to a place that would be ok to leave the auto situated.

 Step 2:

Detect the fuse boxes in your car. However, look it up on your proprietor’s primer, If you aren’t sure. Generally, there’s a fuse box in the machine bay and one on the side of the dashboard. Some models have a fuse box in the box as well.

 Step 3:

Determine the fuse and relay for the energy pump.

 Step 4:

Remove the fuse for the energy pump or the relay.

 Step 5:

Your auto machine dies within 10 seconds.

What To Do If The Auto Will Not Start?

In our case, a Mercedes R-Class would not renew after removing the relay. We had to dissociate the battery and reconnect it to get the auto to start again to fix this problem. So far, the situation has not occurred. As long as the machine isn’t running, you can do with decoupling the battery. This will frequently reset the module that isn’t working duly.

Why Car Will Not Turn Off When Key Is Removed?

Then are the most common problems that beget the machine to keep running indeed after removing the key from the ignition or pressing the STOP button.

1. Ignition Module/ Keyless Start:

The ignition module may fail, or if your auto is equipped with an Engine Push to the Launch button, the Crucial module could be the malefactor. Check the Crucial module for water damage or replace the ignition switch.

2. Energy Pump Relay:

The energy pump relay may bind and get stuck in the ON position. It sends power to the energy pump indeed when the machine is turned off. Replace the energy pump reply. Though the relay may still appear as it’s working, it may bind and keep the energy pump handling.

3. Start Stop Button:

On vehicles equipped with the Launch/ Stop convenience point, the machine may not stop when you press the STOP button. An imperfect Push Launch button can beget this problem. However, it may need to be replaced, If the button stops working. Depending on the vehicle, the controller may be integrated into the ignition module and may need to be replaced with the module.

It’s possible to open the ignition module and repair the switch without replacing the module. You’ll have to find an independent form shop for this procedure because it’s doubtful your dealer will restore an old ignition module. However, it’ll bear programming and coding, which is utmost cases, If the module has to be replaced if the car will not turn off when key is removed.


Some possessors are to have this problem with their buses, but there are ways to fix it. The first option is by taking the auto to the dealer and have them look at it. However, if you don’t want to go through that hassle, there are other options If that doesn’t work. You can buy a kill switch from an auto corridor shop and install it yourself on your auto. Just make sure to follow all directions when installing one of these biases so you don’t hurt.

Do you have this problem “car will not turn off when key is removed?” Use the comment section to tell us about it and partake in how you got your auto turned off.

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