Why Car Will Not Start After Lightning Strike?

The auto started and ran OK the day ahead, but after a lightning strike in the vicinity of my house, it refused to start. It turns over OK but will not catch. I have checked for spark and get none. The battery is ultimately charged and has an abundance of power to turn over the machine. What could be causing this? Let us know why the car will not start after lightning strike.

A lightning bolt can be veritably strong, with a voltage of 20 million volts. Still, the current isn’t constant. It surges and also drops to zero in one-millionth of an alternate or less. However, the swell of power may have enough force to knock you over, If you’re near the strike point while it’s passing.

What Happens To Your Car When Struck By Lightning?

Utmost people have been told that we are safe from lightning strikes while we are in an auto. As the claim goes, the reason is that auto tires act as sequestration from lightning, much like the rubber coating on a line. So, as long as no essence corridor connect directly to the ground, your auto won’t get hit.

Unfortunately, that is a myth. As with any other essence object outdoors during a lightning storm. Your auto is relatively susceptible to being struck by lightning. That does not mean that you are not safe inside of it still. In fact, in many cases, your auto can offer enough protection that it’d be judicious to stay inside the automobile rather than get out of it. So, you do not need to worry about safety. Rather, think about why the car will not start after lightning strike.

What Is The Physics Between Lightning And A Car?

It’s important to note that electricity reacts else to different accouterments. The external shell of utmost buses generally comprises essence, but that is not always the case – convertibles or buses made out of fiberglass won’t fare against lightning the way an essence auto will. And there are other factors as well, like whether your automobile is wet or dry. Add the different energy situations lightning can have and its generally capricious nature, and you can see why each lightning strike leads to different results.

Still, indeed moment, utmost buses are comprised of substantially metal. However, and the machine is stopped, you’re likely to be OK, If your auto’s windows are closed. That is because of a miracle called the” skin effect.” Simply put, lightning has a veritably high frequency. Which makes its currents be carried out substantially outside of conducting objects. Effects like bobby cables and concave-wall essence pipes carry utmost of the lightning outdoors, and so do essence buses.

Why Car Will Not Start After Lightning Strike?

1. Machine Shut Down:

When an auto gets hit by lightning, the machine can shut down. There are multitudinous different ways a robust electric current can alter the work of a device. So it’s stylish to shut off your machine yourself while in a storm.

2. Internal Fire And Damage:

The reason for this has to do with the pressure in each cylinder. In order to get maximum effectiveness from your auto’s combustion process, each piston needs to be under a specific quantum of force.

However, this pressure won’t be correct, sparking severe problems if too significant or too little canvas is present in the cylinder. When lightning strikes the auto, internal fire and damage are also possible as there are a lot of fluently explosive shells in every vehicle.

3. Damage To The Electrical System:

The electrical system is responsible for all the functionality of an auto-like ECU. It sends signals to different auto corridors to power up various factors, including the machine, transmission system, and other electrical biases. The device on its own is useless without the electronic system, which sends signals to it to start working. Your auto’s electrical systems can also suffer damage from a more decisive lightning strike, so do not touch any electrical bias during a lightning storm. This will be the primary reason why your car will not start after lightning strike.

4. Airbags Planting:

Damage to an auto’s electrical systems can have different goods, like planting the auto’s airbags. There are recorded cases of people being harmed by unforeseen airbag deployment after a lightning strike. So in the case this happens, remember to stay in a stable position, laying back on your seat and not touching any electrical or metal objects and bias.

5. External Damage Pitting, Arching, And Burn Marks:

Colorful kinds of external damage can be to your vehicle after a lightning strike. Indeed weak lightning can beget scorch marks, arching, or bending of the essence. External damage as debris from the road can hit the auto.

Still, gobbets of gravestone and asphalt can fluently beget structural damage to your vehicle. You should choose to exit your automobile If a bolt of lightning strikes the road near your car.


It’s essential to have a plan in place for what you’ll do if your auto will not start after being struck by lightning. Keeping muumuu lines, a spare battery, and a cell phone bowl in the box of your vehicle can help ensure that you are suitable to get back on the road quickly. However, you learned how and why the car would not start after lightning strike. Suppose you need backing with this or any other automotive form issue. Communicate us a moment to learn further.

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