Why Alternator Belt Squeal After Replacement?

There are numerous pulleys in the front of your vehicle. These pulleys are belt-pushed additives that characteristic nicely thru a mechanical pressure dispensed to them via the serpentine belt. When those pulleys or your force belt is going awful, it generates squeaky noise. If you pay attention to the alternator belt squeal after replacement in the front of your vehicle, whether or not the belt noise is going away while heat or now no longer, it may be so traumatic and embarrassing.

This squealing noise is primarily because of an awful serpentine belt. It will become greater traumatic if the alternator belt squeals after substitute. In this article, we can observe the reasons for squealing serpentine belts after substitute and a way to diagnose and attach the problems.

What Effects Alternator Belt Squeal after Replacement?

There are few motives at the same time as your alternator belt offers to whir or whining noise even after substitute. Without similarly ado, let’s in short, have a take a observe the reasons.

1. Failing or Bad Hydraulic Belt Tensioner:

In a few automobiles, the force belt is tensioned with the assist of a hydraulic belt tensioner. This force belt tensioner is managed via a touch surprise absorber running much like a spring-loaded tensioner. When this tensioner begins off evolved to fail, it reasons the auto belt to squeal while turning; maximum instances, the noise could be there while the engine is idling.

A failing or Hydraulic belt tensioner’s signs are damn noise or leaks at the tensioner and the belt. This issue can fail at any time; however, a maximum of them ultimate are longer at the same time as a few don’t. If you word noise after converting your alternator belt, you want to evaluate your hydraulic belt tensioner (if your vehicle uses this form of tensioner). This form of the belt tensioner is not an unusual place with Toyota Corolla and Toyota matrix.

2. Failing or Bad Spring-loaded Tensioner:

As the call suggests, it works with the assist of a robust spring. The spring allows it to routinely regulate the force belt simultaneously as the engine is in motion. If the spring is going awful, it’s going to purpose the tensioner to playback and forth.

When this happens, it’s both your force belt that begins off evolved pulling off at periods or your vehicle begins off evolved, giving a squealing noise. This belt tensioner is not an unusual place with today’s motors hence will cause alternator belt squeal after replacement.

3. Failing Tensioner Bearing Or Idler Pulley:

In a few automobiles, a few rollers aren’t retaining something while you get rid of your fan belt. These rollers are referred to as tensioner bearing or loafer pulley. These are primarily visible in motors which are pushed with the handiest one massive belt. These bearings have a touch bearing interior that guarantees optimally spinning. If the little bearing fails, it’s going to generate a squealing or whirring noise.

This type of noise is tough to come across, wherein it’s coming from on account that numerous belt-pushed pulleys make the equal noise once they cross awful. To, without difficulty, come across if the loafer pulley is why the brand new serpentine belt squeals on startup, you need to get a stethoscope to diagnose wherein the squealing noise comes from. Failing alternator bearing, guidance pump, AC compressor bearing, and water pump generate comparable noise. If thorough evaluation proofs that the noise is coming out of your loafer pulley, get new and update it.

4. Belt or Pulley Misalignment:

As you’ve known, there are numerous pulleys for your vehicle which are linked thru the assist of a force belt. Most of the additives for your automobiles are belt-pushed devices. For occurrence, the alternator works optimally with the serpentine belt combining it to the engine pulley, allowing the alternator to show collectively with different belt-pushed additives for your vehicle.

Belt or pulley misalignment is not unusual to place trouble that reasons modified serpentine belts to nonetheless squealing. Misalignment way that the grooves for your belt aren’t aligned with those for your pulley. It additionally tells which you shift the belt a piece in or out in one of the pulleys.

5. Bad Belt:

As the serpentine belt’s number, one intention is to transmit strength out of your engine pulley to different belt-pushed additives, in case your belt is going awful; otherwise, you changed a low-best belt that doesn’t have sufficient energy to hold all of the pulleys along, it produces a whirring or squealing noise. If you word a squealing noise after changing your alternator belt, the probabilities are the brand new belt is both too tight, too free, or one of the mentioned reasons is in place.

How would you Fix A Squeaky Alternator Belt?

If you’re studying until this point, you need to recognise a way to diagnose belt squeal and attach it. That said, I’ll explain grade by grade, a way to discern where the squeaky noise is coming from, and a way to restorative it. You’ll recognise whether or not the noise is because of an awful bearing, awful tensioner, awful belt, or pulley misalignment.

Step 1:

Examine the purpose of the squeaky at the same time as your engine grows to become off. Depressor pulls up the fan belt and notices in case your belt is too free or too tight. If your belt is worn out, the pulley may not provide sufficient strain at the belt, which can purpose the squeak.

Step 2:

Activate your engine. At the same time, as it’s squealing, spray it with WD40 or water and notice if the noise will stop. Ensure you spray this fluid withinside the pulley grooves. If the noise continues, you’ve got got an awful pulley or awful tensioner. If it stops, it suggests which you have a horrendous belt or pulley misalignment.

Step 3:

Have a take a observe the pulleys and belt tensioner and notice if it’s strolling instantly. Examine the pulleys in my view to look at their rolling condition. You can also additionally want an underhood paintings light to look at the down pulleys.

Step 4:

Have a take and observe the force belt simultaneously as your engine is idling. Take a look at if it’s strolling instantly or strolling facet via way of means of aspect. Following the procedure will solve the alternator belt squeal after replacement


Your alternator belt must accept attention because it allows for the most desirable functioning of your engine machine. In all, your engine machine will now no longer be characteristic optimally without your alternator belt. If you word squealing noise for your vehicle any time, whether or not your alternator belt squeal after replacement or now no longer, make sure you provide it with the proper attention. The noise needs to be stopped.

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