How To Stop Rear View Mirror From Vibrating?

My mirror vibrates anywhere I go, if I touch it the vibration stops then resumes shortly. I cannot seem to find a way to tighten this up. Has anyone else encountered this and has any idea of a cure?  Don’t worry you are at the right place. Here are some methods that will help you how to stop rear view mirror from vibrating.

What Is Causing Rear View Mirror To Vibrate?

How To Stop Rear View Mirror From Vibrating?

  • The main area that you want to target is the metal panels that cover the top part of the car. The area where you should have a sunroof, if you don’t have one it means you got more area to cover which will help reduce rear rearview vibrations far more.
  •  Take off any big or small plastic surround or trim panels found connected to the above section of the car. If you see any screws you will also need to remove them. Now remove the interior headliner carpet that is placed on the top part of the roof in your car.
  • Now that you have removed the carpet board you are now ready to apply sound deadening to the metal panel. Simply roll out the material onto a table and cut out approximately how much you need. If it comes already it flin sheets then that’s side this part easier for you.

  •  Place the sound deadening material directly onto the top part of the car and using a blade of some sort replicate the shape of the roof. Once you have done that, remove the peelable side and with the glue side facing upwards stick it onto the roof.
  • To ensure that it is securely installed go over it with your hand a couple of times to ensure it sticks properly.

Fixing The Rear-View Mirror With Paper And Silicon

One of the most annoying rattles in the car – is the rearview mirror. Every car I’ve had suffered from this issue. You’ll know if you are suffering from this issue because when you grab the mirror it will stop. When you let go, it continues rattling.
How to stop the rear view mirror from vibrating? You require some paper and clear silicone caulk.
  • Fold up the paper so that it barely fits between the mirror and the housing. My mirror was super tight against the housing so I only folded 3 times but yours may require more folds of the paper to properly space it. Now, push the paper into three spots, two on top, and one on the bottom. You have to create a bigger gap than would normally be there or this won’t work.
  • Cut the silicone caulk tube applicator just enough to let the product run through it. I like to taper the cut so it’s easier to apply. You could even just jam a pin through the top so you have a pinhole for it to go through.
  • Apply silicone to the perimeter of the mirror. You want the silicone to get into the gap you created with your paper spacers. Skip over the spots with the spacers.
  • Unless you’re a surgeon, you probably got caulk where it’s not supposed to be. Grab a lint-free towel and wipe around the perimeter. Also, use the towel to clean any other spots on the mirror where you might have messed up.

  • Once you’re done cleaning up, immediately remove the spacers. If you did this properly, the caulk will form a small bead where the mirror is now being compressed against the mirror housing. This pushes the silicone out and allows it to bond properly.
  • Wait 24 hours. Don’t touch the mirror, adjust it, play music, etc. You need this to dry completely.

Steps to Fix the Rear View Mirror Vibrating

1. Locate The Area

When you see a vibrating rearview mirror, you have to think about the metal panels. We are talking about the metal panels covering the upper part of your car. This is what you need to target and fix. Some of the vehicles include a sunroof.

In the case of having no sunroof, it’s easier for you to reduce the vibrations. By covering this part, you can reduce vibrations more than usual.

2. Remove The Extras

It’s time to take a look at the above part of your vehicle. Well, in some cases, there is small or big plastic surrounding this area. There are also times when you will see trim panels connected to this specific area.

3. Flatten The Sound Hardening Device

So, the small and big plastic is removed along with the interior carpet of the roof. Once the carpet bard is removed, it’s time to settle for a sound deadening. All you need is to apply this one to the metal panel.

To do this, you have to go through the sound deadening material first. Get a hold of it and place it on a table. And then, roll it out on the table. In this case, you won’t need to the entire section. So, check how much you need.

4. Shape It Up

For this, you have to cut it properly. So first, put it directly onto the roof. And here, you will need a blade to cut this. Get the blade and start cutting the material.

After you have removed the peelable side’s sticker, you will see the glue side appearing. Take the glue side upwards first. And then, just like you add a sticker to the door, you have to add this one onto the interior of your roof.

5. The Perfection

After you have added the stick material there, it will stay there. But the installation isn’t completed. For this to be perfect, you have to use your hands. Take your hands on top of the sound hardening material and run your hands over it.

You might need to go a couple of times to certify that the material is sticking to the interior roof properly. Once you are done, you are ready!.

6. Reinstall The Carpet

Make sure that you install the carpet you have taken out after you are done with the sticker part. The roof is the major reason why the rearview mirror vibrated. However, the other metal parts of your car might be the reason behind it too.


Hope the above-mentioned methods help you to how stop rear view mirror from vibrating.

If you have queries in the mentioned methods then please comment below we will surely get back to you as soon as possible.



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