Why Does My Seatbelt Light Stays ON?

I was wondering why my seatbelt light stays ON for long even though I did lock the belt. There are so many complications that can happen behind a sensor malfunction. I was annoyed with the seatbelt indication sound, and to avoid it started playing music. Never ignore any of the dashboard lights because one day, it will ruin your life. Take your vehicle to a nearby professional to diagnose the problem behind it.

But before you do, here are a couple of simple things to try based on the most common reasons for the seat belt warning light staying ON. The seat belt warning system is an electrical circuit that triggering the warning to the driver. One common place where this circuit present is under the seat of the driver or the passenger seat. There is much reason behind every indication light in the console.

How Does Seatbelt Light Works?

The seat belt warning light is a very important and helpful tool that protects us from an accident. Sometimes, to avoid the indication sound, we play music high in the stereo system or talk to the passengers. or even a call. With all these vocal distractions, it is hard to hear the ding sound of the seatbelt as it reminds us to buckle up or even already buckled up. Seat belt warning light is so beneficial and designed for life-saving measures.

The car’s electrical mind monitors the switch and intimate when the driver hasn’t locked his or her seat belt. When you start the engine, the seat belt light will usually pop up for a few seconds, even if the seat belt is already secured.

Seatbelts prevent you from moving around your seat while you’re driving and locks up just before a sudden collision. Since automakers want you to stay safe, a seat belt warning light is mandatory for every car made these days. This warning light is also designed to remind the front passenger to put on their seatbelt.

Location Of Seatbelt Sensor:

The seat belt sensor can usually be found in a vehicle’s airbag module, sometimes referred to as the engine control unit or ECU. Sensor responsible for seatbelt is generally located beneath the driver’s or front passenger’s seat, but it can be found in a few different locations as well. Sensors are small components that can vary in a place in other vehicles.

Why My Seatbelt Light Stays On?

Let us look at what causes the seatbelt light to stay on.

1. Airbag System:

The airbag system is located under the driver’s seat or the passenger seat on certain vehicles. This system is fixed to the seat with your seat belt and the passenger occupancy sensor on the seat.

2. Seatbelt Buckle Fails:

The problem could be associated with a switch inside the buckle. General wear-and-tear, grime, crumbs of food and anything you would possibly consider can find yourself falling into the slot on a safety belt buckle.
Purchase some electric contact cleaner and spray it into the safety belt buckle. Connect and disconnect the safety belt a couple of times to ascertain if this has done the work.

3. Fuse Malfunction:

You can ask why my seatbelt light stays ON, and it can be due to Fuse malfunction or looseness of the fuse. There are many cases where a fuse is responsible for electronic malfunction in a vehicle.

4. MOT Failure:

The safety belt red light refusing to travel out even when buckled up shouldn’t fail an MOT. To pass an MOT, though, it’s important to make sure that each seat belts are in good working order which they’re they’re free from rips, tears and any signs of wear-and-tear. Other dashboard warning lights (related to the seat belt) remain on thanks to a fault like an airbag or SRS failing an MOT.

5. Sensor Issue:

If you’ve been capable of distinguishing that a presence sensor brings on your light issues, got to make sure there’s no weight on your seats, as sometimes an easy sack may result within the sensor and are available on the belt light on your car.

If the buckle sensor isn’t functioning properly, you ought to have the indicator light illuminated inopportunely. Attempt to move it to ascertain if something is obstructing it. In the other case, you’ll need to change it. You’ll discover some in automobile breakage, in the other case you’ll need to count 100aine of euros.

Seatbelt Replacement Cost:

If your buckles are in good condition, then your sensors are defective. You will have a technician to have it changed by a new one. The sensors generally cost Between 60$ to 100$.

A crash sensor or clock spring may run around $75 to $125, a seat belt with a pre-tensioner may cost you about 200$ to 300$. Electronic responsible for seatbelt itself would cost around to 800$ to 1000$.

How To Fix Seatbelt Light?

If you are an engineer or tech person, you can do some research for fixing this issue.

  • Try to locate the sensor for Seatbelt. Replace it if there is any fault with it.
  • Diagnose the Electronic Control Unit for any malfunction and rectify it.
  • SRS are the sub-components of the ECU that also require inspection and fixing.
  • Collateral failure airbags can fail the seatbelt lights t stay on. Misfunction of the system will lead to random electrical failures.
  • Disengaged seatbelt buckle made my seatbelt light stays ON in my wagon. Replacing the hook and lock is the only solution.


You may need to seek assistance from a professional for an expensive vehicle to diagnose and repair the fault—there many incidents occurring due to the failure of the seatbelt. I followed the above analysis to get rid of my seatbelt light stays ON.

I wonder this article helped you a lot. Share your thoughts in the comment section and stay updated on other automobile problems.

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