How To Reset Engine Control Module?

Today’s vehicles believe computers, or engine control modules, or units (ECM/ECU), that monitor the sensors within the engine bay to enable the vehicle to perform and performance at its optimum. An easy electrical failure will cause a serious catastrophe, so always be cautioned against electrical vehicles. So let’s start on how to reset engine control module?

What Is Engine Control Module?

The car computer is an important component in your car, and it’s often mentioned because of the car’s brain. It regulates several key car functions to make sure that the car is running efficiently. A number of the functions of the ECM include; checking the oxygen to fuel ratio, tracking idle speed, and controlling the variable valve timing also because the ignition timing to extend power or fuel economy. If the engine control module or its related components encounters a problem, it can cause problems to the vehicle’s functionality. Within the worst-case scenario, this might be detrimental to your car’s functionality, making it unsafe to work.

To avoid this risk and minimize the potential damage to your car, it’s advisable to get on the lookout for the symptoms of a faulty ECM. To try to do this, you’d got to be quite conversant with the symptoms of a failing system.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Failing C0ntrol Module?

As we’ve highlighted, the car’s computer monitors several important functions in your car, and its failure could put you at major risks. To curb this, you ought to always be alert while operating your vehicle and get on the lookout for any tell-tale signs of your car’s unhealthiness. The subsequent are the most symptoms that would point to a failing car computer. Subsequently, we will discuss how to reset engine control module.

1. Starting Trouble:

A problematic car computer is probably going to cause some difficulties while starting the car. Sometimes, the car may even fail to start completely. This might be happening thanks to the failure of power reaching the car’s computer, thanks to a blown fuse or a wiring issue. However, if the whole module has failed, your vehicle will stall thanks to the shortage of engine control.

2. Check Engine Light:

An illuminated check engine light can also function as a wake-up call for the driving force. The check engine light activates when the vehicle is switched on, but this is often an easy test to determine that the bulb is functioning properly. It’s not alleged to light again unless the car’s computer has detected some trouble with the vehicle’s circuit or failed sensors. An illuminated check engine light should be a drag when the pc fails to record a problem with its components. Therefore, if you notice the sunshine constantly staying on, or being inconsistent in any way, it’s probably an honest time for you to see your car for any issues.

3. Caution Engine:

A damaged car computer can cause your engine to suddenly jerk, stall, or misfire as long as your transmission is maintained, and your car has enough transmission fluid. This issue is unpredictable and varies in frequency and intensity.

4. Engine Malfunction:

A malfunctioning car computer negatively affects aspects of auto performance, like fuel settings. Your vehicle would experience decreased fuel economy and efficiency, and poor timing and acceleration. Many can realize the symptoms but, don’t know how to reset engine control module.

5. Wire Burning Smell:

A burning smell in your vehicle is another symptom that you simply should never ignore. The primary rule is usually to examine your ECM whenever you detect a burning smell or notice visible burn marks. Heat and overload can easily cause problems with the pc and therefore the remainder of your vehicle’s components.

How To Reset Engine Control Module?

When any of those issues arise, the car computer should report a mistake code that determines the source of the matter. Consult your trusted mechanic to read these error codes and to eliminate other potential causes of an illuminated check engine light. Just in case of such a scenario, you’d got to reset the car’s computer to erase the saved error codes.

1. Rebooting Faulty Control Module:

The reset should restore the ECM to its default settings and clear all car computer-related problems in your vehicles, like computer codes or illuminated check engine lights.

You can use two methods for resetting your car’s computer. The primary option is to show off the car’s battery to interrupt the circuit and erase all memory. On the opposite hand, you’ll set about the pc reset procedure with the automobile battery still on and attached to the car.

2. Resetting The Engine Control Module Via Battery:

You can also reset your car computer without having to disconnect your automobile battery. To begin, you’ll require a fuse puller and a code reader. You’ll also use a pair of pliers in situ of the fuse pullers. To travel about this process, you’ll get to locate the vehicle’s fuse box. look for a canopy detailing the car’s various fuses and their corresponding amperage. Once you’ve got found it, you’ll follow the remainder of our steps.

Remove the connector, and using the fuse puller or pliers, pull the fuse. Locate another fuse labeled “ECU” and pull it out. Note that for this procedure, you’ll not need to disconnect the negative battery terminals. The matter with following the previous process and disconnecting the battery terminals is that you simply erase your entire car’s memory. This not only solves the difficulty with the check engine light, but it also resets all other information in your vehicle, including the important data.

Let the fuses remain disconnected for about 10 minutes, then reinstall them properly, alongside the ECU. Restore the fuse box cover and test your vehicle. You’ll drive for a couple of minutes to see if the difficulty of the check engine light has been solved. If the sunshine stops illuminating, you’re good to travel.


The steps we’ve explained in our article ‘How to reset engine control module?’, are tried and tested by various drivers and car experts. You can, therefore, follow them to unravel issues together with your car’s computer effectively. The high likelihood is that that the resetting of the ECU will solve whatever issue you’ll have, and obtain you back safely on the road. However, just in case of any doubt within the process, you’d better seek knowledge from an expert.

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