How To Remove Bird Poop Stain From Car?

There are numerous jokes on bird poop and cars. Stand-up comedians have detailed sets explaining their battle with it. These jokes, groups, and funny videos work because car owners can relate to them. Bird poop on cars could even be a universal menace! Let’s get started on how to remove bird poop stain from car.

People who are hooked on their cars wish to stay their four-wheelers nice and glossy. there is no way they go to tolerate bird poop stains on their beloved vehicle. However, getting obviate bird poop can get troublesome. Read ahead for a few handy tips to understand them because of getting preclude bird poop from your car.

What Are The Effect Of Bird Poop On Cars?

Bird poop certainly destroys the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. it’s also unhygienic. Bird droppings can cause considerable problems to your paint as they contain acid. Its PH ranges between 3 to 4.5, which is acidic. Acid is corrosive and will cause damage to the vehicle’s wax coating and paint.

What Are The Sort Of Bird Poop Stains?

Before knowing how to remove bird poop stain from car, you would wish to understand the different stains. Things Listed below are different bird poop stains on cars.

1. Topical Stain Etching:

These stains appear faded. Therefore, they’re easy to washthey’re going to be cleaned with a cloth by applying pressure on the affected area and cleaning it.

2. Fractured/Wrinkled Etching:

These stains are wrinkled and challenging to wash. Avoid applying pressure while cleaning such stains because it will affect the car’s paint.

How To Remove Bird Poop Stain From Car?

Here’s an inventory of belongings you’ll do to urge obviate bird poop stains from your car.

1. Clean Early:

Clean the stains at the earliest. Don’t wait to undertake to try to do that in the regular car wash. it’s necessary to wash the stains early; otherwise, the acid within the bird droppings will damage the car’s paint. If the dropping isn’t dry, you’ll clean it with a microfibre towel. If it’s dry, place a wet cloth over it, pour some water, then decide to clean it after a quick time.

2. WD-40:

WD-40 is a can spray that has 259 automotive uses, and cleaning off-dry bird poop from car paint is one of them. To urge obviate bird droppings from your vehicle, spritz slightly WD-40 on the earth, let it sit for 60 seconds, then rinse or wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. This is one of the best methods on how to remove bird pops from cars.

3. Water + Bicarbonate Of Soda:

For people that do not have WD-40 handy, an easy solution of bicarbonate of soda and predicament will do the trick. During a 32-ounce spray bottle, mix a quart of warm or predicament with four tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda. Shake and squirt the answer on any dry bird poop stain, allowing it to soak for five to 10 minutes. Then rinse with a hose.

4. Bird Poop Car Wipes:

Specialty products like Drop Wipes exist, which they’re doing an outstanding job of removing dry bird poop from cars. They’re made from biodegradable, ultra-soft bamboo and soaked in an all-natural formula of poop-cleaning liquid, destabilizing and neutralizing the acid in bird droppings. Once you discover your vehicle has become a bird bullseye, tear open one among these suckers, wipe, and discard.

(If you have ever hated your job, remember that somebody has the work of testing “bird poop car wipes.” Let that sink in.)

5. Seltzer Water:

Got a windshield loaded with bird droppings that wiper blades won’t remove? Seltzer water or soda water may do the truck. Pour some on the doodie, wait a couple of minutes, then spray clean with water or turn your windshield wipers on.

(Warning: Don’t use cola to wash bird poop off your car paint or windows! It’s corrosive to automotive paint, wax, and even rubber.)

6. Quick Detailer Spray:

The most convenient because to getting bird poo off your vehicle is with a fast detailer spray and a soft microfiber towel. Detailing sprays are cheap and make short work of not only bird poop but also bugs, water spots, fingerprints, grease, and other contaminants which may damage your car’s finish. Used sparingly, quick detailing spray should last years.

7. Unscented Laundry Detergent:

In an unfortunate scenario of bird poop on car seats or the upholstery, let it dry, then use unscented detergent to wash it. While still wet, cleaning the bird poop stain might spread and smear it, making the stain challenging to scrub.

Scrape the droppings when the earth is dry, then place a couple of drops of the detergent. Pat with a humid cloth, then gently scrub the planet to wash it. These are the seven steps to work on how to remove bird poop stain from car.

Best Ways to Repair Car Paint Damage from Bird Droppings:

The best is to get rid of bird droppings from the car and stop paint damage to act as soon as possible. If the damage is beyond your scope of labor, seek professional help. However, you’ll try using the subsequent ways to repair paint damage from bird droppings.

  • Spray the affected area with a car detailer spray.
  • Apply a high-quality car polisher and use sandpaper gently to wash.
  • Use a Fine-cut Cleaner on the affected area.


Bird pops always create a multitude to your car and damages the paint if left uncleaned for an extended time. So it’s better to follow the instructions on the ways on how to remove bird poop stain from car as early as possible.

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