What Is The Red Lightning Bolt On Dash?

Automobile manufacturers install numerous red lightning bolt on dash for a much better driving experience. There are usually LED lights inside the dashboard for warnings. Unusual lights are for typical alerts, while others demand essential responses. Lights make the driver aware of something wrong within the vehicle. The sunshine starts to blink continuously to urge attention.

What Is The Rationale Behind Red Lightning Bolt?

The red light flickering during a car is of the anti-theft system. Most manufacturers install this technique in vehicles lately. It’s also mentioned due to the immobilizer system. It’s imperative to possess the immobilizer system within the car. The frightening security light blinks periodically even when the vehicle is OFF.

The flashing red light could also be a security light to keep things safe. There are more flashing red LED lights on the dashboard. The red lightning bolt-on dash failure can occur for various reasons like battery failure, electronic malfunction, alternator failure, throttle body failure. The major reason could be an electronic seize in the electronic throttle body.

The system comes alive once you lock the wheels. It’s a perfect feature in automobiles. The red light continually blinks until you unlock the car. The active alarm comes in handy just in case of a break-in.

How Red Light Blinking In Car Provides Safety Feature?

Keeping the red lightning bolt on dashboard in fine condition is essential. Take the vehicle to the station immediately if the sunshine is OFF or is continuously ON. The immobilizer system won’t be working correctly. Or there’s often a fault with internal switches or wiring. The red light flashing on the dashboard stops blinking once you activate the ignition.

The vehicle sirens come active just in case of theft. The engine won’t start at any cost. Some cars have a blue blinking light on the dashboard also. Red color alerts the thieves to stop making wrong attempts to open the vehicle. Consistent with expert maintenance advice, repairing the faulty system is going to be truly convenient. It’s the foremost uncomplicated because of keeping your car safe from bad guys.

What Are The Symptoms Of Failing Throttle Body?

  • Bucking and jerking in the vehicle.
  • Sudden Acceleration surges.
  • Sudden engine stalling.
  • Improper acceleration.
  • Sudden surges in speed while driving on the highway.
  • Intermittently flashing of the check engine light.

How To Get obviate Red Lightning Bolt On Dashboard?

Here are the four methods discussed to repair the red light on the dashboard.

1. Dirt Removal In Throttle Body:

If you’re experiencing any of the problems like a thunder bolt light, the first place to start is looking at the throttle body housing. Coverage of excess dirt particles or grime inside the housing walls is a clear sign, that you have problems with this system and the first place to start is with a thorough clean-up.

2. Checking Throttle Sensor:

You can use a standard ohmmeter to test a switch and combination type throttle position sensor and a voltmeter to test a throttle position sensor that uses a potentiometer. Check the resistance in various accelerator pedal positions, record the resistance and compare against values listed as acceptable in quality car repair manuals.

3. Turn Ignition ON:

If the anti-theft system has locked up to your engine, you’ll see the red lightning bolt on dashboard. You’ll not be able to start it. You’ll need to disable it with these steps.

  • Check for the anti-theft light. It’s located on your dash and may have a blue or red light.
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position. Next, insert the key into its slot and switch it to the ON position, which activates your electrical system.
  • Leave the key within the slot for about ten quarter-hours.
  • Recheck the anti-theft light. If it isn’t blinking, turn the key back to the Off position and permit it to require a seat for a flash or two.

  • This gives the system time to reset. Otherwise, you will not be able to start your car.
  • Start the engine. Decide to start your engine.
  • If it still doesn’t start, check to make sure the battery hasn’t been drained.
  • Repeat the tactic to repair the red blinking light on the dashboard.

4. Reset The Electronic Throttle Control:

Resetting the Electronic Throttle Control will help you get rid of the red lightning bolt on dash.

  • Insert your key within the lock on the door. Therefore, use the driver’s side door and, therefore, the physical key, albeit your vehicle is given a keyless entry system.
  • Turn the key to unlock your door, but don’t release it.

  • Hold the key during this position for 20 to 30 seconds. This lets the system know you’ve got the proper key, and it can allow you to bypass the alarm.
  • Some vehicles recognize the key by turning the key back and forth within the door lock key cylinder.
  • Try turning the key on each side fully to disable the car with the lock symbol on the dashboard system.
  • Attempt to start the engine. Then, remove the key and inspect to start out the motor.
  • Start the car and press the throttle to see if your car responds.
  • Be sure to travel far away from the critical cylinder within the unlocked position.
  • If your car still doesn’t start, you ought to consult knowledgeable to figure out another issue preventing your vehicle from starting.


These are the formal procedures for the red lightning bolt on dashboard in your car. These are the convenient method and handy methods of fixing this problem. Many thanks for reading the article and make use of it.

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