What Is Red Blinking Light On Dashboard?

Automobile manufacturers install numerous red blinking light on dashboard for a far better driving experience. There are usually LED lights inside the dashboard for warnings. Unusual lights are for standard alerts, while others demand essential responses. These lights make the driving force conscious of something wrong within the vehicle. The light starts to blink continuously to urge attention.

The cars have red, orange, and white colour lights for various purposes. A red light flashing in the car operates as the protection indicator. It is the emergency alarm light that keeps the vehicle vault from vandalism.

What Is The Reason Behind Red Blinking Light On Dashboard?

The frightening security light blinks periodically even when the vehicle is OFF. The flashing red light may be a security light to keep things safe. There are more flashing red LED lights on the dashboard. Faulty switches or something wrong with the engine also can turn the lights ON.

The red light flickering in a car is of the anti-theft system. Most manufacturers install this system in vehicles these days. It is also mentioned because of the immobilizer system. It is imperative to possess the immobilizer system within the car.

The system comes alive once you lock the wheels. It is an ideal safety feature in automobiles. The red light continually blinks until you unlock the car. The active alarm system comes in handy in case of a break-in.

How Red Light Blinking In Car Provides Safety Feature?

Keeping the red blinking light on dashboard in fine condition is essential. Take the vehicle to the station immediately if the sunshine is OFF or is continuously ON. The immobilizer system might not be working correctly. Or there is often a fault with internal switches or wiring. The red light flashing on the dashboard stops blinking when you turn on the ignition.

The vehicle sirens come active just in case of theft. The engine will not start at any cost. Some cars have a blue blinking light on the dashboard also. Red colour alerts the thieves to prevent making wrong attempts to open the vehicle. According to expert maintenance advice, repairing the faulty system will be truly convenient. It is the most uncomplicated, thanks to keeping your car safe from bad guys.

How To Get Rid Of Red Light In Dashboard?

Here are the three methods discussed to fix the red blinking light on dashboard.

Method 1: Check Your Key And Cylinder:

  • A car’s lock symbol or red light may activate if your key for the battery is dead and didn’t disable the system.
  • Diagnose whether the battery in the key is installed correctly. If the battery is correctly installed, replace it with a fresh battery and check out again.
  • If your car has been damaged to steal or force an entrance, the anti-theft system may be engaged.

  • Check for damage to the lock cylinder or under the door handle where thieves may have punched through with a screwdriver.
  • If the lock is broken, try using the passenger side cylinder if your car has one.
  • While the driver’s side entrance lock is usually damaged, the passenger side won’t.
  • Smake sure you’re using the right key to start your car.
  • For example, many vehicles have a key or a door key that only performs certain functions, like unlocking the doors.

Method 2: Turn Ignition ON:

  • If the anti-theft system has locked up to your engine, you will see the red blinking light on dashboard. You will not be ready to start it. You will have to disable it with these steps.
  • Check for the anti-theft light. It’s located on your dash and can have a blue or red light.
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position. Next, insert the key into its slot and switch it to the ON position, which activates your electrical system.

  • Leave the key in the slot for about ten quarter-hours.
  • Recheck the anti-theft light. If it’s not blinking, turn the key back to the Off position and permit it to take a seat for a moment or two.
  • This gives the system time to reset. Otherwise, you won’t be ready to start your car.
  • Start the engine. Plan to start your engine.
  • If it still doesn’t start, check to form sure the battery hasn’t been drained.
  • Repeat the method to fix the red blinking light on dashboard.

Method 3: Use The Key In The Door:

  • Insert your key within the lock on the door. Use the driver’s side entrance and the physical key, albeit your vehicle is provided with a keyless entry system.
  • Turn the key to unlock your door, but don’t release it.
  • Hold the key during this position for 20 to 30 seconds. This lets the system know you’ve got the right key, and it can allow you to bypass the alarm.

  • Some vehicles recognize the key by turning the key back and forth within the door lock key cylinder.
  • Try turning the key on both sides fully to disable the car with the lock symbol on the dashboard system.
  • Attempt to start the engine. Then, remove the key and check out to start the motor.
  • Be sure to go away from the critical cylinder within the unlocked position.
  • An anti-theft system that forestalls your car from running correctly may be a nuisance.
  • If your car still doesn’t start, you should consult knowledgeable to work out another issue preventing your vehicle from starting.


These are the formal procedures for the red blinking light on dashboard in your car. These are the convenient method and handy methods of fixing this problem. Thank you for reading the article and make use of it.

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