Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum: Which Is Better?

One of the elegant ways to cinch your vehicle’s runs fluently is by using the correct type of motor canvas compatible with its machine. Maximum experts recommend synthetic canvas since they have got the lowest contaminants. It defies developed temperature echelons more than traditional canvas. Pennzoil promises maximum performance and protection for your automobile, and you can choose between Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum full synthetic motor canvases.

What Is Pennzoil Platinum?

Pennzoil Platinum is a natural gas outgrowth instead of crude painting using the Pennzoil patented gas-to-liquid PurePlus technology. Like complete synthetic motor paintings, Pennzoil Platinum is a great imitator and offers excellent protection to your motorcar tract. This synthetic lubricant comes in rainbow packages, a good representative being the Pennzoil 550046126-3PK Platinum complete synthetic motor painting.

The painting is immaculate, which translates to excellent power scrimping. It’s a perfect cumulative for space-age turbocharged motors, helping preclude issues like low- speed-ignition, an unseasonable combustion incident, leading to noise or motor failure.

What Is Ultra Platinum?

On the other side of the contest, we have got the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum motor canvas. It’s of an improved quality than the Platinum type due to the commission of the word Ultra.’ It’s true as this synthetic canvas is ideal for extreme performance, making it a tremendous cumulative to sports vehicles and others like motorcars.

The Ultra Platinum synthetic canvas is an offshoot of natural gas influential for its cleanliness. It has several advantages, like icing you have clean pistons, restating to a fulfilling driving experience. It also helps maintain motor power and necklace, a necessary thing when it comes to high-performance motorcars.

Comparing Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum: Which Is Better?

Although they’ve resemblances because they have got the same base canvas, the Pennzoil Ultra and Platinum have slight differences in terms of Variety Predicated on Thickness, Motor Harmony, Piston Cleanliness.

Let’s bandy each of them in detail to better compare the Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum ilks and guarantee you choose the right bone for your bus machine and needs.

1. Variety Hung on Consistency:

The Pennzoil Platinum is available in seven ilks hung on consistency, namely 0W16, 0W20, 5W20, 5W30, 5W40, 10W30, and 10W60. On the other hand, the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is available in five different consistency positions, which are 0W20, 0W40, 5W20, 5W30, and 10W30.

2. Motor Peace:

The Platinum and Ultra Platinum full synthetic paintings are compatible with SUVs, trade-offs, personal vehicles, and out-road models. They also took the GM dexos1 ™ instrument from General Motors to peace with their 2011 and above vehicle model gas motors. Specifically, the SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 Platinum strains and SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, and 5W-30 Ultra Platinum strains.

3. Piston Cleanliness:

In terms of motor cleanliness, when you use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs. Platinum painting, both can screen your motor from sludge better than top brands at the same price point. That’s because they won’t lose their viscidity in extreme mist conditions, reducing any painting buildup. That said, the degree of how clean the motor pistons will be different for each.

The Pennzoil Platinum Motor Oil can keep your wheels’ pistons 40 cleaner than when you use regular canvases. On the counter, thanks to the addition of another cleanser, the Ultra Platinum can keep your bus’s pistons cleaner than when you use the Platinum variant. Hence, the Ultra in its name.

What is the performance between platinum and Ultra-platinum?

With the rigorous process, the paintings have gone through, and well-probed wording, the Platinum and Ultra Platinum variants offer uncompromised motor protection, cleaner pistons, better power productiveness, reduced power loss, and outstanding performance under any sprinkle conditions.

That’s why when you use or switch to any of these paintings for the first time. You would incontinently notice the ease in starting your vehicle’s motor. You also won’t have any whirl of dry issues that are common with uttermost regular motor paintings. When you start driving your wheels, you’ll also find that the motor runs fluently, plus, you’ll have better control.

What Sedulousness Principles Do These Lubricants Meet?

Like any product, several approving bodies are around to secure that motor lubricants end in the requested tournament-specific principles. This ensures your motorcar motor doesn’t get damaged as fast as hoped and for your safety as a wheelman. Yea, environmental interests are taken into consideration.

When it comes to Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs. Platinum Motor Oil principles, uttermost types under each variant tourney ACEA, API, and ILSAC for motor sanctification and protection requisites.

Can You Mix Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum?

While mixing different synthetic canvases isn’t judicious, you can mix the two, seeing that they’re from the same brand, and partake in a consistency ranking of 5W-30. Mixing canvases with the same consistency isn’t too bad as it won’t affect their effectiveness.

Coming from an established, secure brand known for its concoction for enhancing its products, overall, nothing is better when you compare Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum. They belong to the same canvas group, have a connate base canvas reused precisely at a particular position of chastity, fend your bus machine, meet several uprightness, and are compatible with multiple bus machines.


What makes them different is the word “Ultra,” which indicates that the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum has a cumulative effect that improves motor performance and cleanliness at an improved rung or race-rung protection and performance. As like, it’s perfect for motorcars that you use for racing and other adventures that need high necklace and power. Await it to be more precious than the Platinum Oil, nonetheless. In contrast, Pennzoil platinum vs ultra platinum is the motor canvas of choice for diurnal-use vehicles.

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