Why My Oil Space Heater Making Clicking Noise?

My heater is making clicking noise when I turn my car on with the heater or if I turn off m heater. Don’t worry the article discusses why this issue is happening and how you can fix it. So read until the end. Hope you will enjoy reading the article.

What Causing Oil Space Heater Making Clicking Noise?

Your car’s heater known as an HVAC I.e (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is a clever piece of kit. This system uses blended doors, sensors, and motors to control heating/cooling and airflow. A computer can handle track of all the motor positions, temperatures, fan speed, and dual-zone requests.

The control module manages it all for it and must receive accurate blend door position readings. Sometimes the positions are miscalculated which causes erratic motor activation. Recalibrating the system helps to fix the problem.

What Does An HVAC Consist Of?

An HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)system consists of various components mentioned below:

  • Heater core – It resembles a small radiator, located behind the dashboard, hot engine coolant is routed through it.
  • Fan – Located behind the dashboard board and blows air over the heater core where the air is warmed before entering the cabin.
  • Temperature sensors – Sensors provide the users with live readings of the control module.
  • Blend doors – The doors which are positioned inside the matrix that open and close to direct air through different zones such as windshield, f face etc.
  • Stepper – Motors are connected to the blend doors that move in very precise increments when commanded. They provide a signal to the heater control module the exact position of the blend doors, known as counts.
  • Control module – The control module receives inputs from stepper motors and temperature sensors and outputs commands to the stepper motors, fan, and heater valve.

How To Calibrate Heater?

Calibrating the HVAC system is not difficult but it typically requires several time-sensitive steps. Some vehicles may require a bidirectional scan tool to calibrate the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system.

A faulty stepper motor is likely to cause a clicking sound.

How To Fix This Problem?

Step 1: Fixing Stepper Motor

A stepper motor is an electric motor employed to move in very precise increments. These motors are used in automotive systems.

The heater is controlled by a control module. A unique fault code will likely be recorded and you’ll find that code will identify the faulty stepper motor type and location.

Step 2: Blend Door Stuck In Cold Position

The blend door helps to regulate the amount of heat from the heater core that enters the passenger compartment. Electrical, vacuum or mechanical outputs from the heater control act on the heater blend door to deliver all hot air, all cold air or some combination of the two.

A blend door stuck in the cold position, due to a defective heater control, failed electrical or mechanical control or vacuum actuator cable will produce little heat.

Don’t get confused with the blend door and the mode door. The function of the mode door is the same as a blend door but directs airflow to the floor, dash vents and defroster. You should get your blend door Repaired by an automotive air conditioning specialist

Step 3: Disconnect The Motor From The Main Power Supply

Allen wrenches, a deep-socket set, a small flashlight, and a few screwdrivers might be needed to navigate through the motor’s inner workings. Once you’ve located the switch, then carefully disconnect the damaged relay. Use pressure to disengage these mechanisms without rendering them unusable.

Now, install the replacement switch. Perform a test to ensure a proper connection. If replacing the switch doesn’t solve the problem, then replace the blower motor relay. Here, locating the correct relay can be a tricky task.
Look for the blower, AC, or cooling fan relay on your schematics to point you in the right direction. Bring your damaged relay with you to the electronics shop to check whether you are getting the right part for your blower motor.


The article discussed oil space heater making clicking noise. Hope the information was useful. If you have any queries with the mentioned information then please comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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