Why My Car Is Blowing White Smoke When I Accelerate?

It was a fine evening I took your car down the road and stopped for the signal? While looking around found some white mess. It was weird that my car is blowing white smoke. I was offended by my car and it made me embarrassed. Read the article to get rid of your problem.

The most common sort of smoke from the exhaust isn’t smoke in the least. When a chilly engine is started, it soon begins to heat up, and a byproduct of this is often water vapor. Water vapor creates condensation within the exhaust turns into steam because the water vapor is heated by the rising temperatures within the engine and exhaust that follow.

What Does It Mean To See White Smoke?

Problems can occur if you use a car for long journeys and therefore the exhaust doesn’t thoroughly consider the exhaust tip. Therein case, it can corrode the bare steel of the exhaust, resulting in rust that would become exhaust leaks and blowing from the system, where exhaust gases leakinstead of exiting at the tailpipe.

If the white smoke coming from the exhaust is thicker and doesn’t stop, it’s still steam, but it’s an indicator of a more severe issue. It’ll be caused by your car’s coolant leaking into the engine. This will be caused by a failed gasket (the seal between the cylinder block and the head that sits on top), which might be a dear repair but not as expensive as repairing a cracked cylinder block or plate.

Why My Car Is Blowing White Smoke?

Here are seven significant problems causing white smoke.

1. Cracked Plate:

Whenever your plate is cracked or damaged, coolant will begin to leak. This doesn’t get to be a significant crack, either. All it takes maybe a bit of coolant to spread and obtain mixed in with the engine oil.

Once that happens, the oil will become contaminated. The primary sign of getting contaminated soil is white exhaust smoke beginning of the tailpipe. As this continues, the white smoke will begin to possess a sweet odor smell that won’t get away.

2. Cracked Cylinder Block:

The worst-case scenario is that your entire cylinder block features a crack in it. These are the sorts of problems that will be the foremost costly to repairYou almost certainly aren’t getting to know which of those problems is causing the white smoke to urge produced until you’ve got a mechanic to look over your vehicle and perform a diagnosis thereon.

3. Condensation Burn Off:

When a chilly engine is started, it soon begins to heat up, and a byproduct of this is often water vapor. This creates condensation within the exhaust turns into steam because the rising temperatures within the engine heat the water vapor, no need to worry. After all, it could just be the buildup of condensation causing that to happen.

In these situations, you’ll typically see this white smoke begin on cooler days.

4. Oil Leak:

I finally found that an oil leak is also a reason why my car is blowing white smoke when i start it. If oil were to ever leak from your piston rings or valve seals, then it might flow into the interior combustion chamber alongside the fuel. Once the fuel and oil get mixed, it’ll cause to return out of the tailpipe. The color of the smoke will be blue-ish, but it’ll appear to be white smoke to some people.

5. Damaged Coolant Reservoir Tank:

Another area that will leak coolant is that the coolant reservoir tank. This is often less common to spread, but it can happen if the reservoir tank were to urge damaged or cracked is one of the reasons that the car is blowing thick white smoke out of the exhaust.

Sometimes, this may happen if a mechanic fixes another problem within the vehicle and accidentally damages the tank. In any case, you’ll get to replace the reservoir tank whenever it’s damaged.

6. Bad Fuel Injector:

The other reason is a bad fuel injector and this why my car is blowing white smoke. The fuel injector is liable for injecting fuel into the interior combustion chamber at the precise right time. If you were to possess a bad fuel injector, then potentially, your car will be blowing white smoke.

This happens because a proper amount of fuel didn’t enter the chamber at the right time.

7. Engine Control Unit Error:

If you’ve got a faulty engine control unit or one that’s glitchy, it’s going to throw off the timing of the fuel injector. This doesn’t mean the fuel injector is terrible or anything. It just means you would like to repair or reprogram the engine control unit to correct the timing of the fuel pump injector.

How To Get Rid Of White Smoke?

Follow the solution to get rid of the unnecessary emissions:

  1. If the leak is minor but won’t get awayit’ll need repairing because it’ll only make matters worse. It could even end in a breakdownwhich can be a costly repair. This might mean replacing the engine, although if it’s too expensive to try to do it.
  2. You have no other option left besides fixing a crack in the engine block, damaged plate, or leak in the coolant tank. Take your car to a professional technician who will help you get rid of the car blowing white smoke.
  3. You would want to quickly fix this leak because if the oil isn’t appropriately lubricating the engine components, they’ll start to urge wiped out and damaged rather quickly. This may cause an entire flock of pricy problems that you won’t want to possess.
  4. The smoke should only be beginning in small amounts after you start your engine for a cold start. Then after about 30 seconds to a moment, the white smoke should clear up.


To conclude, you now understand all the common mistakes you might be making, which was the reason that makes your engine suffer. Even I made those mistakes and that is why my car is blowing white smoke and I solved it. Always learn to maintain your car just like you take care of yourself.

Comment any other problem that you suffer from your car, and we are here to help you. Thank you!

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