Why Is My Car Battery Draining So Fast?

Many car owners suffer from one common issue is with battery. Albeit there are battery cars in the sector nowadays, most of them own a liquid-powered engine. How can I get rid of my car battery draining so fast? Let us find the solution!

Just think for a while; having a battery to start our car makes us crampy sometimes if not working. What is going to be the kinds of problems which will grow from A battery car? Ethically speaking, you’ll never get an answer on your own for battery car problems. Choose wisely before buying a car.

Now let’s get started!

Why Is My Car Battery Draining So Fast?

There are several reasons for your automobile battery draining so fast. Here are six important things to see after.

1. Lights On:

Yes, I’m not blaming you, but you left the cabin light on, or the headlights weren’t transitioned properly by mistake. You were stressed last night and forgot to try to do so. This case happens mainly during the daytime. This may undoubtedly cause the battery to empty.

Keeping the lights on is the most probable reason the car battery draining so fast, and now the car won’t start. So you want to check whether all the electricals are transitioned.

New vehicles, though, accompany a feature that will alarm you if the headlights are on. So, next time pay close attention to the present detail, and therefore the automobile battery won’t drain thanks to this reason anymore.

2. Weak Alternator:

Okay, now you’re keeping in mind to modify off cabin lights and therefore the headlights in the dark. But still, the battery is draining! Now what? This could be thanks to the faulty charging system. It won’t be ready to charge the battery as fast because the car battery draining so fast.

This may eventually cause the automobile battery to drain so fast and leaving you stranded within the middle of nowhere. The first component of the charging system is that the alternator. If the alternator belt is loose or it’s faulty, the battery won’t charge properly.

3. Aged Battery:

You may ask why my car battery draining so fast? To answer this is a big reason people tend to oversee. If your automobile battery is old, it’s going to have lost the recharging capabilities. The quality automobile battery lasts for about three years.

So it’s advised that if the battery has crossed the deadline, it’s better to exchange it than recharge. Recharging won’t help because it will discharge again.

4. Short Trips:

A significant chunk of power from the battery is employed when the car is started. For the battery to revive the facility, it needs a while. And therefore, the short drives are the precise opposite. So to avoid the battery draining faster, it’s advised that you avoid excessive short trips.

5. Rusty Battery Terminal:

This is something you can’t prevent. The rust can get into anywhere where there are moisture and water. So there’s an opportunity that the battery’s connections can get corroded with time.

This may disrupt the charging, which can cause the battery’s discharging. So it’s advised to contact the battery terminal connectors replaced if you see rust as cleaning them won’t help.

6. Parasitic Drain:

Even my car battery draining so fast and often thanks to a faulty or fried circuit card that acts as a parasite. If the components within the circuit card get the malfunction, they tend to consume more juice whether the engine is ON or OFF.

Running with a weak Alternator will cause the failure of the circuit card and other electrical systems to malfunction, causing your car battery to drain so fast.

7. Extremely Hot Or Cold Temperatures:

Hot or weather won’t kill a new or unsatisfactory battery, but a weak or old battery may fail in extreme conditions. Extremely hot or weather also can magnify other underlying issues.

How To Solve Your Car Battery Draining Issues?

These are the instructions that I followed for my car battery draining so fast.

General testing:

  • Check battery electrolyte level, check the terminals for corrosion or looseness or confirm that the battery is held in situ to stop physical damage.
  • Check the battery case and posts for damage.
  • Analyze the electrolyte level if your battery has removable caps.
  • Check the case for bulging.
  • Check the battery employing a digital multimeter for voltage reading.
  • Suppose your reading is lower or above your specification, then you’ll have a bad voltage regulator. Please consult your vehicle repair manual, and it’d tell you ways to try to do some quick alternator checks.
  • Check that the voltage gain or drop is steady. If not, there is often a drag together with your transformer.
  • Check for a parasitic drain or a possible fault in one of the electrical systems.
  • Once you identify that your alternator is terrible, you’ve got several options. You’ll replace it with an ingenious one from your dealer, an aftermarket replacement.
  • Have an additional look after your car and switch OFF the lights if it isn’t automated.
  • Another way to see your battery is to use a costlier tool called a load tester. This tool puts a load on the battery that simulates the draw of a starter and allows you to ascertain both the loaded and unloaded battery voltage.

Here is how you can change your car battery:


The critical point here is to try to do the right diagnostic as soon as possible because a nasty alternator can ruin an honest battery and other components, counting on the fault. Usually, a bad diode or a malfunction allowing the current to go from the battery through the field. Winding can cause a battery to drain.

Batteries do eventually die of old age, but you can prevent your car battery from discharging for lack of proper maintenance. Following these simple steps can significantly increase its service life and avoid many of the common problems related to the early failure of the car battery. I did the same procedure when my car battery draining so fast and the problem was solved.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. I hope you found this helpful article. Stay home, stay safe!

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