How To Fix A Warped Dashboard?

Car dashboards consist of polymers. The top layer of older car dashboards is PVC. PVC if not maintained and protected correctly may crack or tear after a few years of exposure to sunshine and heat.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV rays)is the most common cause of dashboard fractures. The chemical components of plastics such as PVC are harmed by ultraviolet radiation. If not maintained and protected, after a few years of exposure to the sun, the dashboard tends to breach.

If finding a reason, how to fix a warped dashboard, then you have reached the right place where we will help you out in getting the solution for this problem.

What Is Causing Warping Of Dashboard?

Depending on the car that you have, its dashboard could be made from either plastic, covered in vinyl, or moulded from polyurethane. If your car is at a certain segment or price point, chances are manufacturers will dress it up a little bit to give a more premium finish through the use of soft-touch materials. It can be because of old age or direct sunlight.

1. Old Age

The Car dashboards consist of polymers. Usually, the top layer of older car dashboards is polyvinyl chloride, often known as PVC. these materials tend to get hard due to their natural age of the material, leading to the warpage of the dashboard.

2. Exposure To Sunlight               

Enhanced exposure to the heat can split the chemical molecules in the dashboard – for instance, parking the car in an open position.

Ultraviolet light can eventually evaporate oils and disrupt plastic molecules. The plastic dashboard becomes dry and cracks when repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet light.

How To Fix A Warped Dashboard?

Car dashboard repair can be very expensive. And most car dashboard repairs are usually complex and hard to understand. But here you can get a solution for your wraped dashboard.

The dashboard accumulates dust and moisture quickly. When you run the heat or the air conditioner, you modify the temperature of the dashboard. The sun is the most destructive since it is constantly brightened by the glass on the dashboard with its beams.

Here are the ways to repair dashboard warping-

1. Wait For Sunny Day

You can fix the dashboard coming up whenever you prefer. However, it will be better if you wait for a bright sunny day. Repairing the dashboard in the perfect weather can make your solution durable.

2. Detaching The Dashboard Completely

The next step is to detach the dashboard. If your dashboard was already coming out, there will be a gap to jam a screwdriver in. Choose a screwdriver fitting into the opening and make the gap wider. Keep doing this till the dashboard comes off completely.

3. In Case Dashboard Has Large Cracks

The final step is how to fix a warped dashboard.  You must take significant efforts to fix your dashboard if it has crashed heavily. Complete the cracks with silicone caulk as much as you can in step 1. A 2-part epoxy solution or other industrial filler would be an alternative to silicone. The size of the crack depends on that.

4. Using Adhesive

You will need to use a strong adhesive to reattach the dashboard properly. Epoxy glue is the best option in this type of situation. Epoxy glue is the best glue for dashboard repair.

Take the glue on a stick or spoon. And then smear the adhesive on the side of the dashboard that will set on the surface.  After that, press the dashboard down hard and keep pressing with force for at least 30 seconds.

5. Strapping It Down

Use duct tape to strap down the dashboard. This will help the adhesive to dry properly.  Keep applying pressure for about 30 minutes. This will allow the glue to set properly.

6. Final Finishing

You should let the dashboard rest even after applying pressure for half an hour. Leave it like that overnight. However, there may remain gaps between the dashboard and the surface. Use black silicon to fill the gap.

Use your moist chariot to remove any surface dust and debris, cleaning them off the dashboard. Saturate another towel into rubbing alcohol, and wipe it on the afflicted regions carefully if there is any ink on your dashboard.

How Do I Restore My Dashboard?

Here’s how you can restore your dashboard:

  1.  Take a lint-free cloth and dampen it in cool water
  2. Use the dampened cloth to wipe down the dashboard
  3. Use it to clean off all the dust.
  4. Spray automotive dashboard cleaner on the dashboard
  5. Wipe the dashboard with a lint-free cloth
  6. Scrub off any additional debris stuck on the dashboard.

A little oil from the kitchen will make your dashboard look like the day you drove it for the first time. Allstate Car Insurance has stated olive oil but any kind of oil whether it’s olive coconut or vegetable oil.

How To Protect Your Dashboard?

You can protect your dashboard from ultraviolet radiation by using a screen to block sunlight and avoid damage year-round. To avoid drying out of PVC, apply a moisturizing treatment on the dashboard.

Choose the therapy that includes an ultraviolet light-blocking sunscreen.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Warped Dashboard?

If you want to repair a car dashboard, you will have to spend $500 to $800. In addition, replacing the dashboard can cost you about $1,000 to $2,000.

You must take significant efforts to fix your dashboard if it has crashed heavily. If the dashboard is far to go then the average cost of replacing a dashboard is between $2,094 to $2,243. The projected labour costs range from $567 to $716 and the prices of parts range from $1527.


Hope you get a solution to your problem that how to fix a warped dashboard. However, if the dashboard is beyond repairs, then replacement is a wiser way to go as it can affect the safety of your vehicle.

If you have any doubts about the methods described above let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.


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