How To Disable ABS Light On Silverado?

The ABS light in the vehicle is designed to advise the automobilist with any part of the anti-lock deceleration system. The ABS processor continuously monitors a number of detectors throughout the vehicles to assure that the anti-lock deceleration system is acting Vehicles duly at all times. Let us learn how to disable ABS light on Silverado?

When the ABS processor detects a problem with the system, it stores a problem canon in its internal memory and turns on the ABS light. An automotive audit tool with ABS capabilities is the only tool that can duly clear the principles from the ABS computer to turn off the ABS light.

What Are The Four Reasons ABS Light Come ON:

An ABS hand light existent may have gone reverse with your system, and you need to check it out. The four common reasons that usually make the light turn on are breaking ABS module, low positions in the fluid fund, broken wheel speed detectors, or the system is turned off. These problems will tend to disable ABS light on Silverado.

1. Inoperative ABS Module

Your ABS shares some basic alphabet with another system in your vehicle, your traction control system. Traction control is a system designed to keep all four motors on the ground rolling freely. It’ll cut off power from your engine until it establishes stable traction again If it detects that one wheel starts to spin desultorily. This is designed to help you from lowering out of control by accidentally applying too tremendous power.

Notwithstanding, because both your ABS and traction control participate in a control module and nature- peculiar system, one can sometimes obtrude with another. Sometimes an issue with your traction control light can occasion your ABS light to come on, but other times the problem is with your ABS. You’ll need to have your vehicle professionally diagnosed to figure out exactly what’s going on.

2. Low Standings In The Fluid Reservoir:

Your thicket system is hydraulic, which means it uses the power of a cylinder. Pressing against a fluid to close thicket pads and bring your wheels to a stop. This means you need a nonconflicting, constant stratum of fluid in your thicket system.

Notwithstanding, if there’s a slow leak or the fluid is suitable to vanish off, either the volume of liquid will drop, and your tickets won’t be eligible to operate duly. Your computer can normally dredge this with detectors and turn the ABS light on if it finds it.

3. Broken Wheel Speed Detectors:

Wheel speed Detectors are a piece of paraphernalia that tells your computer how fast each wheel is turning independently. However, your traction control system makes adaptations or shifts power to a different machine to compensate. If the computer detects an anomaly in these minions.

Notwithstanding, if a speed detector is dirty or stops working, either it can’t propagate this information verbatim. Rather than make lading of adaptations, it’ll generally disable your ABS and traction control systems until you either renew your vehicle, or the problem gets resolved.

4. Your System Is Turned Off:

It may come as a surprise, but you actually may have the option to turn your traction control or ABS on and off. When you turn the system off, it’ll typically turn on the needle light on your moxie to caution you that this critical safety marker is networking.

However, either there’s a strong chance your system may have accidentally turned off If just your traction control or ABS light is on. Check to see if you may have inadvertently knocked the switch, and consult your possessor’s text if you’re not sure where it is.


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Tools Needed:

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set

How To Disable ABS Light On Silverado?

Put the key into the ignition and turn it to a stable position. This is the position just before the motor starts.
Open the hood of the Silverado and loosen the nut on the negative battery lace clamp. You can do this with a 10 mm wrench.

  • Slip the clamp off the negative side of the battery and await about five heartbeats.
  • Put the clamp back in place and stretch the nut. Look on the dashboard to make sure the ABS light has turned off.
  • This resets all lights in the machine and the timekeeper as well.

By following the steps so you can disable ABS light on silverado.


The ABS warning light indicates that the anti-lock coppice system has detected a fault. There are several reasons this may do, including malfunctions with the anti-lock letup detectors. Wiring or if the power pool to the anti-lock letup system is chipped in.

This is a common problem on old vehicles, so you should have it checked outright. I hope you learned how to disable ABS light on Silverado. Have a good day.

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