How To Get A Job With A Race Team?

It’s been a trying time for motorsport. With all racing series’ postponed and a few even canceled for 2020. There’s never been the worst time to be trying to find jobs in motorsport or the associated industries. But things are on the up. Now that racing can commence, albeit spectators, for the nonce, things are slowly beginning to move within the world of motorsport recruitment.  Here is our pick of the simplest 4 jobs in motorsport currently being advertised and how to get a job with a race team.

How To Get A Job With A Race Team?

You need not be einstein for getting a job with a race team. It is much simple when you focus on certain credentials.

1. Gaining Influential Network:

Have personal business cards at the ready within the least time! Motorsport could also be a microscopic world. Confirm everyone knows what your ambitions and achievements are. You nevermore know, who you would probably meet.

2. Mold Your Mind and Body State:

Always be ready for the subsequent stages in your career. Make or break opportunities can come at a drop of a hat with little or no preparation time. Train yourself mentally, physically, and virtually to make the foremost of each opportunity when it comes.

3. Be Wealthy:

Whether it’s daddy’s money or if you’ve worked hard for sponsorship deals, you’ve to possess cash. Do what it takes to urge the readies because only then are you ready to convince the earth that you’ve got what it takes!

4. Learn The Business:

To get the cash, you’d wish to understand that motorsport could also be a business. Exploiting all there’s from the marketing side of it’ll assist you in raising your profile and becoming more attractive to sponsors.

Motorsport Recruitments:

Below are four different entry-level jobs or internships if you are looking forward to how to get a job with a race team.

1. TMD FRICTION: Graduate Internship:

We love the tagline for Germany-based TMD Friction. If it moves it’s our job to prevent it. Yes! you’ve ventured it, they’re a brake expert. They’re on the lookout for a Bachelor’s or Master’s student to figure with them for a minimum duration of three months. This is often the right internship for somebody looking to finish their final year project within the industry.

Project Management:

Innovative lean project management methodologies and tools to maximize results, during a dynamic multi-project and sub-project environment. Strategies for KPI monitoring of technical projects. Supportive input to project management process as a handbook

Performance & Product Engineering:

Maximize braking efficiency. Software Tools are required on knowledge for challenges of inter-software digital communication during a multi-software business environment for lean project management. Although TMD Friction has products for passenger cars, rail, and commercial, this is often a motorsport-specific internship.

2. BG Developments: Motorsport Apprentice:

If you’re trying to find entry-level jobs in motorsport, this could tick all the boxes. This is often an incredible opportunity for a young motorsport enthusiast to hit the bottom running with a well-known stopping specialist. Based in Bromsgrove, Worcester, BG Developments concentrate on historic racing brake systems and manufacture calipers, discs, pads, and piston-cylinder assemblies.

This is an excellent opportunity to figure within the automotive sector and therefore the Prestige car industry. Specializing in small-run productions to a high specification. You’ll work on a spread of machinery starting with manual machines and progressing throughout your apprenticeship to five axes CNC’s. This is one of the best recruitment if you are thinking about how to get a job with a race team.

  • Using manual machinery including lathes and presses.
  • Develop to use 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machines.
  • Understand and skim technical drawings.
  • Adhere to health and safety.
  • Attend events where required.

RICARDO: Motorsport Transmission Technician:

This is a contract role for an initial 2 month period which can suit someone who has been furloughed, pending motorsport moving again. You’re allowed to figure for somebody else whist furloughed but ask your employer first! It’s going to also suit those that are looking to urge some valuable, hands-on motorsport experience but who have struggled to urge that first job.

You’ll be gathering high-value motorsport driveline systems for various clients. Motorsport experience is desirable but nonessential.

You’ll need:

  • Experience in assembling complex structures and high precision mechanical, hydraulic, and/or electrical systems.
  • Practice reading engineering design and assembly drawings.
  • Exposure to building and fixing differentials and measuring backlash.

Ricardo Plc may be a global giant within the world of strategic engineering. they need their fingers during a lot of pies – they work across passenger cars, rail, defense, and motorsport to call but a couple of industries. you’ll do worse than having a contract position with Ricardo on your CV!

Williams Racing: Senior Trackside Aerodynamicist:

This is a senior role with one of the best names in motorsport Williams Racing. It’s an incredible opportunity for either a senior aero specialist to form the move trackside or for a mid-level aerodynamicist to require a intensify.

You’ll attend every race weekend and testing session, supporting the aerodynamic operation of the car to assist make informed setup decisions. This position will involve tons of travel! Here’s the complete description from the work Advert on LinkedIn:

Key Operational Duties

  • Supporting race and test events including a big amount of travel.
  • Understanding and communicating development items and therefore the expectations from track tests before the even.
  • Analyzing and presenting aerodynamic data to assist both car setup and longer-term development.
  • Identifying and reporting aerodynamic weaknesses that are limiting the car’s performance.
  • Staying au courant current car development philosophy and inputting key track observations.
  • Driving improvements in data analysis, tools, and processes helping define a best practice analysis methodology.
  • Assisting with the selection of appropriate instrumentation.
  • Further experimentation to characterize aerodynamic components.
  • Colliding with the Aero advancement groups to derive resolutions.

Ideal Credentials:

  • Excellent knowledge of racecar aerodynamics with an understanding of the structure and CFD environments.
  • Possess strong data analysis skills and therefore the ability to extract and present meaningful data concisely.
  • Good understanding of full racecar data acquisition hardware, software, and their limitations.
  • Knowledge of full-scale simulation techniques, racer setup, and therefore the trades between aerodynamic, mechanical, and tire optimal setups.
  • Knowledge of Matlab.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
  • Ability to form and communicate decisions effectively during a time-critical environment.


Hope you learned how to get a job with a race team. Best of luck with your career and wish you all success.

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