Why Ford Escape Transmission Won’t Engage?

I’ve got a Ford Escape that will start fine and reverse without any problems, but when I put it in drive and try to pull forward, it remains idle. I can hit the gas and take it up to 3000+ RPM, but it just moves forward at about 5 MPH idling, with the O/D light flashing.

However, if I put it in L1 or L2, I can get up to 20 MPH, shift into drive, and it will shift up and down just fine until I come to a stop. What’s causing this? Don’t worry learn why ford escape transmission won’t engage.

How To Reset The Ford Transmission Control Module?

Resetting a Ford transmission control module is a quick and easy process. Follow our simple step-by-step guide and your gearbox grumbles will be a thing of the past.

Step 1: Start The Vehicle

Start by getting into your Ford vehicle and pressing the starter button; it is not necessary to start your car’s engine at this point.

Step 2: Put The Vehicle In Neutral

Make sure you put the gearbox into the neutral position (often displayed as an N)

Step 3: Put The Vehicle In Park Mode

After a few moments, push the transfer gear once more to put the vehicle in park mode (P).

Step 4: Again Start Your Car

This includes turning on the Ford but not turning on the engine or ignition system. Next, you should continue to hold your breath for another 15-20 seconds. Don’t get impatient, it will only take a few seconds. Be patient.

Step 5: Turn Off The Vehicle

Now it’s time to turn the car off and then quickly turn it back on. Then just shift your gear to the Shine (S)

Step 6: You Are Ready

You have completed all the work necessary to resume the transfer process. As a result, your car will sound an alarm to notify you that the transmission is ready.
Finally, as stated above, the transmission has been reset or completed. You can now relearn how to drive or start driving yourself. You can even go back to doing both if you wish if you don’t mind. This way you can reset if ford escape transmission won’t engage.

How Long Does It Take To Reset A Transmission Control Module?

It takes only a matter of minutes to reset a transmission control module. Following the steps in this article, the whole process of resetting the TCM should only take a few minutes. However, if you also need to relearn the transmission this can take a little longer as you’ll have to drive your car up and down all the gears.

Can You Drive Without A Transmission Control Module?

The transmission control module is an essential part of the transmission system. If your TCM is malfunctioning, you may end up causing serious damage to your car if you continue to drive it. If your TCM is preventing you from shifting in and out of gear, driving your car is going to be all but impossible. If you are not in gear, you’re not going anywhere! If you think your TCM is not working correctly, try to reset it or see a mechanic as driving with a damaged transmission can result in expensive repairs further down the line.

How To Fix Ford Escape Transmission Won’t Engage?

Like any vehicle, the Escape may develop some transmission problems including fluid leaks, erratic shifting and outright transmission failure. However, some troubleshooting techniques can remedy these problems. These techniques can save you money in the long run, helping you avoid expensive trips to the garage.

1. Look Beneath The Engine

To see if there is any reddish-brown fluid on the ground. If there is, this means there is a transmission fluid leak, which is most likely caused by a broken gasket or bearing leak. Replacing the faulty gasket or bearing should remedy the problem. Finding faulty gaskets or bearings is common with Ford Escapes

2. Pay Attention To How The Vehicle Shifts

If it is erratic or rough, or if it fails to shift into reverse, this could mean a problem with the drive shaft’s joints or it could be low transmission fluid levels. Check the fluid level with the dipstick. It should be located near the top of the engine bay. If the fluid level is low, add more transmission fluid so it is at the appropriate level. If it is a problem with the drive shaft joints, they will most likely need to be replaced. Because there are many different models of drive shaft joints, different procedures are necessary to replace them.

How To Relearn Ford Transmission?

When the speed of your car matches the speed of the transmission, the transmission is complete. You can also relearn it to make sure that the reset procedure is correct for you.
To do this, we will help you during this short and simple relearning phase by guiding you step by step.
What’s more, relearning is as simple as teaching your Ford to move and run again.

Step 1: Start Your Ford

To begin, start your Ford and set the vehicle’s engine speed to 0-80 MPH, with throttle flow reduced to 25 per cent.
Next, slow down steadily until the vehicle comes to a complete stop and turn it off.

Step 2: Increase Speed

After that, start the vehicle and increase the engine speed from 0-80 miles per hour (mph).
On the other hand, the throttle setting for gasoline should now be at 50 per cent.
Next, reduce speed once more and come to a complete stop.

Step 3: Repeating The Engine Speed

Repeating the engine speed is necessary as the last stage of the relearning procedure. It consists of starting the car and changing the speed between 0 and 80 miles per hour.
The position of the gasoline throttle will be set to its maximum setting of one hundred per cent.
The speed is then gradually reduced until it is no longer dangerously slow, at which point the engine and vehicle are completely shut off.
Thus, in just three stages, your Ford will have reset the gearbox to its default setting.
Moreover, there is no need to relearn or pay for any computer operating procedures, as they are already set.


Hope the above-mentioned methods help you to learn why ford escape transmission won’t engage. If you have any Sherries with mentioned methods then please leave a comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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