How To Fix Scratched Steering Wheel?

Nothing makes a car show its age like cracking or peeling leather, and zip is more front and center than the vehicle’s wheel. Leather mainly ages thanks to poor maintenance and exposure to the sun because of the natural oils and friction from our hands. Whether you only bought a second-hand car with a peeling wheel, or you’ve neglected to use a leather conditioner to wash the revolution you’ve had for years, there are ways to repair this unsightly blemish on your vehicle. Let us learn how to fix scratched steering wheel.

Deteriorating leather could also be fading, disintegrating, or maybe cracking and tearing. In most cases, the wheel that when slid so smoothly through hands now’s uncomfortable to carry. So what does one do because the vehicle owner once you are experiencing this in your car? There are several options for fixing this phenomenon.

How To Fix Scratched Steering Wheel?

  • Send the piece bent a specialist for expert restoration
  • Repair the wheel yourself reception
  • Use a wheel cover or have the wheel wrapped by knowledgeable.
  • Have a custom cover made for the car that you install

Replacing A Wheel DIY:

The act of replacing a wheel isn’t employment to be taken lightly because it does involve disconnecting and reconnecting electrical wires, also as avoiding the airbag that lies in your steering column. However, if you feel capable, let us get how to fix scratched steering wheel in few easy steps. 

  • Buy the wheel
  • Remove your existing wheel
  • Remove the duvet and disassemble
  • Disconnect the wires
  • Center and tighten the lug nut
  • Lubricate

Buying a replacement Or Used wheel:

You can find plenty of unique options for steering wheels online. Whether you’re trying to find a stunning and unforgettable new addition of flare, otherwise you are just looking to exchange the wheel with a more modern version of the stock wheel that came on your car originally, the web will have what you’re trying to find.

Regardless of what you purchase, please make sure that it fits the general dimensions of your steering column. To seek out what dimensions are specific to your make, model, and year of auto, do an easy search online and see what information you’ll attain. If you’re battling this, give the carmaker a call, and that they should be ready to assist you and should even be prepared to sell you what you’re trying to find.

If this is often as far into a DIY as you’re willing to travel, take the wheel to an area mechanic to possess knowledgeable effect the screws, wires, bolts, and lug nuts. Having a wheel replaced at an area mechanic will cost you on the average $150 parturient costs.

Disassemble The Wheel:

Once you discover the wheel you would like, you’ll need to begin the covering of the revolution that’s standard on the latest steering wheels. You’ll want to be extremely careful when doing this not to cause permanent damage to the wheel. Each wheel is going to be a touch different. However, most are held alongside tiny screws that you’ll get to remove.

Disconnect The Wires:

The new age wheel can perform all kinds of tasks with the short press of a button. These features are often incredible for safety and keeping a driver entirely focussed on the road; however, when it involves replacing a wheel, this is often where it can get a touch complex.

Important safety information. When handling live electrical wires, you’ll want to understand what you’re doing already. This text isn’t meant to show you the security concerns of trying to repair electrical connections. Would you please make sure to disconnect the battery if you’re trying this reception?

Additionally, there’s an airbag located within the wheel that helps prevent traffic fatalities. Unfortunately, the speed at which airbags deploy is often hazardous themselves, especially for somebody holding metal tools. You’ll want to be very careful not to disturb the airbag.

Find and disconnect the wire connectors on your wheel, ensuring not to cut or damage the wires themselves. If you manage to tear, cut, or impair the cables, you’ll get to call a tow car and obtain your vehicle to a mechanic to ascertain if they will undo this significant oops.

Center The Lug Nut:

After the first wheel has come off, it should be simple to locate the lug nut at the middle of the steering column. You’ll be ready to begin the lug nut using simple tools. Once you’ve removed the lug nut, set it aside in a safe place for reinstallment.


The area around the lug nut will be greasy, as this helps the wheel turn, which may be a vital function of a wheel. If the world around your lug nut isn’t greased up, you’ll want to lubricate it.

After installing the new wheel, you’ll want to feature extra lubrication to the present area. Then reconnect the wires to the new revolution, secure it and fasten any parts or covers you merely had removed carefully not to damage them. that’s it, you’ve replaced your wheel Following the procedure will help you working on how to fix scratched steering wheel.

Having Your wheel Sent Out For Refurbishment:

If you would like an expert to repair the wheel of your car, you’ve got two options, finding someone locally who focuses on leather restoration in vehicles or removing the wheel entirely and having it sent bent a corporation. If you plan to ship out the wheel, consider having a mechanic remove it for you or review the security information within the section above. Other usable methods are as follows.

  • Applying a coat of wax.
  • Using paint finish restorer.
  • Applying primer coating to the surface.
  • Sanding the surface area.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Using scratch remover kit.

How Much Does It Cost For Replacement?

Having a wheel refurbished by an expert is often very expensive, no matter if you’ve got the wheel removed and sent out or have someone detail it while it’s still attached to your vehicle. The worth for this service can range anywhere from $200- $750. For this reason, it’s generally cheaper to shop for a replacement wheel if you don’t have some vintage car.


I hope you learned how to fix scratched steering wheel. Make use of the DIY  methods to make your car interior look more elegant than before. Be conscious of handling your car. Have a good day!

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