How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

The glove box is one of those essential items in a car. It’s where you retain your better of Queen CD case, albeit the CD has been lost an extended time ago, alongside random knick-knacks, tools, and maybe even your owner’s manual or logbook. You would perhaps be the neat type who keeps almost nothing within the compartment aside from a tin of travel sweets just in case one among your passengers is feeling a touch peaky. Here in this article, we will discuss how to fix a broken glove box hinge.

However you employ your room, there’s one thing that you’ll want to avoid, which has the latch breaks, if you leave the compartment door flapping around as you negotiate corners. This is a reasonably easy task that doesn’t require any mechanical knowledge, and as you won’t be working under the bonnet, you won’t get to know any of the main working parts within the engine.

How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

Here are the four different easy steps to fix the broken hinges of your glove box.

Tools Required:

A screwdriver and a clean, lint-free cloth.

1. Locate the Latch

Look inside the compartment, and you ought to be ready to check the latch condition; if this is often not in good working shape, then the next thing to try to do is to get rid of the entire compartment from its seating within the dashboard. This could be held in situ by a few small plastic stoppers. These are often removed manually, requiring a brief quarter-turn twist on each knob to direct them out of the car. You ought to now be ready to pull the glove box out of position entirely.

2. Detach the Locking Latch

There must be two screws holding the latch at the highest inside fringe of the compartment. Remove the screws using a screwdriver and then place them aside for reuse. This could effectively free the latch completely from its seating, allowing you to pull it out of position and eliminate it appropriately quickly.

3. Install the New Latch

It’s now a straightforward case of taking the new latch and putting it into place on the front inside fringe of the compartment. Using the two screws that hold the previous latch in situ, attach the new latch, tightening the screws until they’re at the fullest tightness. Dust off the compartment with your cloth, ensuring that it’s immaculate before pushing the glove box into place.

4. Replace the Glove Box

Finally, you should be ready to put the glove box complete with its new latch back to its seat within the car dashboard. This may require you to show the two holding screws back to the place, firmly fixing the box into its original place. The final step should be taking the lid of the glove box and flipping it around so that the new latch can finally hold the door in situ.

When this job is finished, it’ll be evident whether or not the entire job has been successful. If the latch isn’t retaining the door of the glove box, then check the adjustment and authenticate that the screws are screwed down tightly not to be forced out of place when the door is locked. This is general instruction if you are working on how to fix a broken glove box hinge.

DIY Replacement Your Glove Box:

A certified locksmith can fix them quickly. Otherwise, you can take the required tool and do it yourself. You’ll need a spare lock kit and a couple of standard tools. Here’s how:

Remove The Compartment:

  • Buy a replacement kit at an auto accessories store, a dealer, or online. Ensure your car’s make, model year, and model style to urge a kit that matches appropriately. So-called universal kits are likely to wish for extra work and should not fit or also work as model-specific kits.

Work With The Hinges:

  • Remove the lock cylinder consistent with the lock kit instructions. Counting on the lock design, this might involve unscrewing a mounting plate inside the compartment. Most lock cylinders will have one or more spring-loaded detent pins that hold them in situ.
  • Use a narrow pointed tool like an awl or maybe a bit of clothes hanger wire to depress the pin, allowing the cylinder to slide out of the lock housing. You’ll get to push each pin sequentially and slip the cylinder out past each nail until it’s entirely removed. You’ll get to manually move the lock latches to the closed position before accessing the detent pins.

Replace the Kit:

  • Remove the outside faceplate of the lock by unscrewing it from the lock body. This might require a unique tool. Otherwise, you can probably improvise one on your own. You ought to now be ready to remove the remaining lock body and discard it.
  • Install the new lock by reversing the method above. The lock cylinder will sit in place once the ultimate detent pin is pushed in.

If the compartment door is stuck within the closed position, you’ll be ready to open the lock by inserting a skinny object, sort of a fastener wire, into a hole within the lock’s front.

You’ll even be ready to open the latch by sliding a flat-blade screwdriver or another flat object carefully into the door gap and tripping the latch mechanism. Trying to force the door or force the lock open may end in loss to the trim and housing that’s expensive to repair.


A glove box is one of the important parts of a car, but it has no use for its functioning. But Every individual utilises the purpose of this chamber to keep their utilities inside it. I hope you learned how to fix a broken glove box hinge by reading this article. Have a wonderful day!

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