How To Fix Bluetooth Lag In Car? [7 Ways]

Bluetooth latency issues and audio stutters can happen thanks to many reasons, but all of them ruin the mood. While playing high-quality audio, an excessive amount of latency can put your response time at an obstacle. Audio delay while watching movies makes it unwatchable, and audio stutters while taking note of music kill enjoyment. So let’s continue with the article on how to fix Bluetooth lag in car on your own.

Fortunately, you’ll do a couple of things to scale back or maybe solve the matter entirely before you plan to change your car Bluetooth system or replace your mobile.

What Causes Bluetooth Lag In Car?

Here is the reason behind the Bluetooth audio delay, and how to fix Bluetooth lag in car is listed below.

1. Weak Signal Range:

People want to travel wireless because they love the liberty to roam with their wired headphones. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth signal range of most products, even in-car audio system, is restricted to a maximum of 10m because Bluetooth technology uses short-wavelength radio waves to transmit data over short distances.

The further you get from the Bluetooth source, the more connection delay you’d notice until you exit the range, and therefore, the pairing is stopped completely.

2. Is Phone Charged:

Moderate to heavy usage of your smartphone can bring down its battery level to a minimum at the top of the day. When your phone doesn’t have enough juice left, the system can drastically limit its performance to conserve battery.

Essential functions can still work with no issues, but ain’t good quality music and buffering if streaming. This becomes even more noticeable when using a Bluetooth system in the car for hearing the audio.

3. Set Phone Performance High:

Many people wonder how to fix Bluetooth lag in car and use system power-saving settings to enhance the battery life while sacrificing performance. Generally, the system settings during a smartphone allow you to pick from three performance mode options. Balanced or innovative performance, Standard version, and High performance.

These options limit the clock speed of the smartphone processor and reduce tons of background processes. An equivalent is confirmed once you use any third-party apps.

4. Signal Interference:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology occupies an equivalent 2.4-2.5 GHz wavelength spectrum and may cause signal interference. For instance, when too many wireless devices occupy a comparatively limited space. So, suppose your room has Wi-Fi routers connected to smart bulbs, smart TVs, laptops, and other gadgets.

Therein case, it’s a simple idea to show them off before connecting the Bluetooth headphones to your mobile or attending an area with less signal interference. This is the exact scenario in the car Bluetooth system, where there can be multiple connectivities like third-party apps that limit performance.

5. Physical Blocking The Bluetooth Signal:

The Bluetooth signals from your mobile to your car infotainment system also can get obstructed physically. For example, while taking note of music, if you set your mobile on the edge of the seat and accidentally falls into the compact spaces in the car. It can reduce the signal strength and cause audio delays. If you employ an incredibly thick mobile cover, an equivalent thing may happen if you put the mobile in your pocket or body.

6. Bluetooth codec that reduces latency

A Bluetooth codec determines how digital data is compressed, encoded, and decoded again for wireless transmission. Not all Bluetooth codecs offer equivalent performance. Some offer a higher-quality listening experience at the latency cost, whereas other codecs sacrifice quality to supply a smoother listening experience. The quality Bluetooth codecs include SBC, AAC, aptX, and LDAC, alongside their variations.

How To Fix Bluetooth Lag In Car?

Here are some tips to fix the music lag in-car Bluetooth system.

1. Stop Going Far Away:

So, if you mainly suffer Bluetooth audio delay once you keep your mobile on a desk and roam around the house together with your headphones on, you ought to carry the mobile with you next time. Alternatively, you’ll buy an updated Bluetooth system for the car that supports an extended range of up to or quite 100 ft.

2. Charge Your Phone:

Suppose you sometimes suffer from audio delays when your phone battery is a smaller amount than 10%. In that case, it’s a simple idea to start out charging it immediately until it’s been accused sufficiently and check it out again.

3. Signal Transmission Trouble:

Unwanted signals can disrupt the clean call between your mobile and Bluetooth system and obstruct data transmission between the devices. Also, never leave an unused Bluetooth device connected to your mobile to scale back signal interference.

4. Remove Barricade:

Bluetooth transmitter in your device together with your hand while playing music in the infotainment system. So, if you begin to note sudden audio delays, check to ascertain whether the mobile features a clear line of sight together with your mobile bandwidth.

If you start to note audio lags while playing in the car infotainment system, shift your hands’ position and check again. This is a simple technique how to fix Bluetooth lag in car.

5. Update Interference:

The system default for Android is SBC. Adaptive offers the most balance between quality and transmission speed. Unfortunately, iOS users are limited to AAC, which Apple develops, but extends more experience because the software optimised.

6. Reboot Your Mobile:

Sometimes, an easy reboot of your mobile device can solve many issues with your phone, including audio delay over Bluetooth. Rebooting your mobile clears the RAM and stops any resource-heavy ongoing process running within the background without you having to prevent them manually. Although this process doesn’t work all the time, it offers the quickest solution when it works.

7. Reset Bluetooth System:

When you pair up too many Bluetooth devices together with your car Bluetooth system. It can start to cause pairing problems and even audio delays or stutters. To fix it, you’ll prefer to factory reset your Bluetooth system, removing all the info regarding pairing information from the device.


Bluetooth technology has its advantages, but it can become frustrating sometimes. Regardless, following the ideas listed above can solve you by how to fix Bluetooth lag in car. If these don’t solve the audio delays, check the difficulty by pairing an exceptional Bluetooth headphone with your phone. Doing so can find the problem with the mobile or the system.

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