What Happens If My Exhaust Pipe Fell OFF?

While technically, my exhaust pipe fell off in my drive. It’s neither safe nor legal and poses sort of issues when you’re out on the road. Whether your exhaust is cracked, partially hanging off, or has fallen off completely, it’s an essential neighborhood of your vehicle that needs your immediate attention. 

Because it’s underneath your car, you’ll not remember that it even requires your attention, but it’s worth making attention to ascertain it regularly. Failing to require care of your exhaust could end in further issues and risks, a variety of which we’ll highlight within the article below.

How Does An Exhaust Work?

As your car emits fumes, the exhaust manifolds, the system’s neighborhood connected to the engine, and harness the gases into the system. At now, your car’s converter takes charge. It takes the gases within the system, analyzes them, and transforms them into the matter.

That’s either less harmful or not harmful within the least. This is a loud process. Your vehicle’s muffler is what helps keep it quiet. Finally, what’s left of the gases exits your car through the tailpipe.

Your vehicle’s exhaust is supposed to need the care of toxic emissions your car produces. First, it’ll direct harmful hydrocarbons away from the driver and passengers. Second, it reduces the air pollution your car releases into the environment, helping keep the air clean.

An extra benefit is that the exhaust significantly reduces the number of noise your car makes. Finally, an exhaust in working order will keep your vehicle sounding pleasant because it runs and may reduce harmful gases.

What Happens If My Exhaust Pipe Fell OFF?

Here are the paybacks if your exhaust pipe is cranked.

1. High Fuel Consumption:

As a crucial neighborhood tactic for removing chemical fumes away from your car, any issues alongside your exhaust will likely see your fuel efficiency reduced. In addition, the pressure on the exhaust is increased if toxic fumes aren’t channeled away from the engine, which suggests your car won’t run as cleanly as your wallet may like.

To ensure that you get the original miles for your money, have any exhaust issues verified immediately by knowledgeable. When my exhaust pipe fell OFF, I faced fuel draining more than usual, and you know gasoline ain’t cheap.

2. Health Hazard:

Dangerous emissions from your engine are far away from the vehicle to prevent you and your passengers from getting ill. Inhaling carbon monoxide gas and other fumes may end in headaches, dizzy spells, and nausea. Something you want to avoid when in your car, so keeping your exhaust in need of repair is for the sake of your health.

The emissions leaking from your exhaust could even resemble something wrong alongside your converter too, which is both dangerous and would see your vehicle fail the MOT.

3. Breaking law:

Whether you think you’re likely to be spotted or not, driving with a broken exhaust is illegal. As stated within the Road Traffic Act 1988, you’re guilty of an offense if you ride with the vehicle during a dangerous condition, which includes posing a danger to yourself or others.

Your exhaust falls into the category of ‘The state of the car or trailer, or its accessories or equipment and must, therefore, be kept in good working order to avoid being pulled over and penalized. Stop yourself from getting unwanted attention from cops.

4. Failed MOT:

A vehicle that features a severely damaged or broken exhaust will automatically fail because of emissions. Still, it can also fail if it produces an excessive amount of noise. Usually, it is related to issues with the silencer. Either way, if you’ve left your exhaust to deteriorate over the years, whether because of damage or wear and tear. You’ll likely be facing higher repair fees.

Should your exhaust only be partially damaged, your car may pass its MOT, but you’ll little question tend an advisory notice which highlights that employment could even be needed on your exhaust sooner rather than later.

How Much Does Exhaust Parts Costs?

Most aftermarket exhaust companies offer four kinds of components. Cat-back exhaust systems anywhere between $300 to $1200. Its cost will depend on steel thickness and type and muffler quality. Axle-back exhaust systems are the same as above High-performance mufflers would cost $75 to $300. The quality of the muffler’s materials inside and the type of steel impact the last word price.

Exhaust system tips are around $25 to $150 per exhaust tip. Most cat-back or axle-back systems include a high-quality exhaust tip. However, if you’re building your design, you’ll purchase an exhaust tip to dress up your factory pipe. A professional technician advised me to go with a cat-back exhaust system when my exhaust pipe fell OFF.

Why Replace The Mufflers?

Sometimes, the matter persists even after the muffler repair. Or maybe the muffler fell off somewhere on the road, and you didn’t notice it. In such cases, the only option left is to exchange the muffler and acquire a replacement one.

You can get the muffler if it falls off on the road and you notice it. It’d be scorching but will settle down during a couple of moments. Then, you need to take it to any auto repair to determine whether it is often fixed. Otherwise, you bought to urge a replacement muffler for your car.

A muffler might be a tiny part, but it’s a significant impact on your vehicle’s performance. If you’d wish to look out of your car’s engine durability, you need always to keep your muffler in fitness. If there are any damages, visit any muffler shop nearest to you and acquire it replaced. Always spend enough on the maintenance of your muffler to increase the lifespan of your engine.


These are the procedure that I followed when my exhaust pipe fell OFF. So follow the procedure keenly to eliminate the noise from your exhaust system and Chill in front of cops. Thanks for reading and read more articles we post.

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