What Does Car With Lock Symbol On Dashboard Mean?

Modern cars have dashboards full of dials and an array of warning lights just waiting to modify and confuse drivers. Of course, these warning lights aren’t a concern, as they’ll leave once the engine’s running. But should they ever activate during driving, you would like to understand, and some can notify serious issues. In this article, we will look at the car with lock symbol on dashboard.

What Does Car With Lock Symbol On Dashboard Mean?

The Security Indicator Light illuminates to the point that the safety system is either working correctly or allows you to know that there’s a fault within the system. For example, while starting the car or key within the run position, the safety lamp should illuminate briefly then leave. This a bulb check and is additionally standard.

How To Get Rid Of Lock Light?

Here are the three methods discussed to fix the car with lock symbol on dashboard.

Method 1: Check Your Key And Cylinder:

  • A car’s lock symbol may activate if your key for the battery is dead and didn’t disable the system.
  • Diagnose the battery in the key is installed correctly. If the battery is correctly installed, replace it with a fresh battery and check out again.
  • If your car has been damaged to steal or force an entrance, the anti-theft system may be engaged.

  • Check for damage to the lock cylinder or under the door handle where thieves may have punched through with a screwdriver.
  • If the lock is broken, try using the passenger side cylinder if your car has one.
  • If the driver’s side entrance lock is usually damaged, the passenger side won’t.
  • Smake sure you’re using the right key to start your car. For example, many vehicles have a key or a door key that only performs certain functions, like unlocking the doors.

Method 2: Turn Ignition ON:

If the anti-theft system has locked up to your engine, you will not be ready to start it. You will have to disable it with these steps.

  • Check for the anti-theft light. It’s located on your dash and can have a blue or red light.
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position. Next, insert the key into its slot and switch it to the ON position, which activates your electrical system.
  • Leave the key in the slot for about ten quarter-hours.

  • Recheck the anti-theft light. If it’s not blinking, turn the key back to the Off position and permit it to take a seat for a moment or two.
  • This gives the system time to reset. Otherwise, you won’t be ready to start your car.
  • Start the engine. Plan to start your engine.
  • If it still doesn’t start, check to form sure the battery hasn’t been drained.
  • Repeat the method to fix the car with lock symbol on dashboard.

Method 3: Use The Key In The Door:

  • Insert your key within the lock on the door. Use the driver’s side entrance and the physical key, albeit your vehicle is provided with a keyless entry system.
  • Turn the key to unlock your door, but don’t release it.
  • Hold the key during this position for 20 to 30 seconds. This lets the system know you’ve got the right key, and it can allow you to bypass the alarm.
  • Some vehicles recognize the key by turning the key back and forth within the door lock key cylinder.

  • Try turning the key on both sides fully to disable the car with the lock symbol on the dashboard system.
  • Attempt to start the engine,as then, remove the key and check out to start the motor.
  • Be sure to go away from the critical cylinder within the unlocked position.
  • An anti-theft system that forestalls your car from running correctly may be a nuisance.
  • If your car still doesn’t start, you should consult knowledgeable to work out another issue preventing your vehicle from starting.

Let’s Understand Other Dashboard Lights:

Below are all the most important dashboard light symbols that you need to be aware of.

1. Airbag Light:

This red light may appear to be an image of a passenger balancing a beachball on their lap, but it means one among the airbags is malfunctioning. This is often a significant matter because it could fail to inflate within the event of an accident, or worse still, extend all of sudden while you’re driving.

2. Brakes Light:

If you see the brake symbol glowing on the dashboard, the primary thing to try to do if you see this symbol illuminating on the dashboard is checked that the handbrake hasn’t been left on. Assuming it hasn’t, there’s a fault with the brakes.

That would relate to the worn condition of the restraint or discs, a scarcity of fluid within the system, or drag with the anti-lock brakes (ABS) or stability control as have it investigated by a garage as soon as possible.

3. Battery Light:

The most likely explanation for the red light with an A battery symbol is that the automobile battery is not any longer charging, or something is draining the charge when the car is parked and transitioned. A flat battery is one among the foremost common causes for breakdown technicians being called out. So if the sunshine comes on, your car will need further examination.

4. Engine Cooling System:

To keep their cool, nearly all cars pump coolant fluid around their engines. If this red light activates, that coolant level might be dangerously low, or a blockage within the system might be causing the engine to overheat. Call out your breakdown provider or seek immediate assistance at the closest garage.

5. Power Steering System:

Most folks would struggle to show a wheel if a car didn’t have what’s referred to as power assistance. This is often a hydraulic or, increasingly, electric pump that helps turn the steering. So when the red light for the system illuminates, take it seriously and have it verified by knowledgeable.

How Much Does It Cost To Reset The Anti-Theft System?

The Best in Auto Repair the typical cost for anti-theft system diagnosis & testing is between 40$ – 50$. Labor costs are estimated at around 50$. This range doesn’t include taxes and other expenses. 


These are the methods and procedures that need to fix the car with lock symbol on dashboard. I hope you found this helpful article and get your dashboard lights to get fixed on your own.

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