Why Car Door Light Won’t Turn Off?

Annoying thing faced by the driver while getting out of the car is the glowing door light being ON. Indeed, many tend to forget to turn OFF this light before getting out. It would usually turn OFF but is faulty. It won’t. So here in this article, we will discuss the car door light won’t turn OFF and its solution.

How Does The Door Light Work?

Before discussing the thanks to fixing interior car lights not turning off, allow us to know the within-door lights’ mechanism. It’s effortless and works on a primary switch mechanism at the lock of the doors. As soon as you open one of the doors, the switch activates, and once you shut the door, it gets turned OFF.

Door lights inside a vehicle operate through multiple switches. The standard control is found on an adjustable knob on the dashboard, typically to the left of the wheel or on the headlight switch. Additional controllers are mounted to each door and on some vehicles in the trunk. Some modern cars mount a timed switch within the controller.

The Door light is controlled by a fuse as multiple items cover it. A door light that will not pack up means one of the switches is stuck within the ON position. This mechanism is additionally utilized in refrigerator lights. When the doors are closed, you’ll turn them ON by pressing the button on the light itself. There is a knob on the left of the wheel or the headlight switch in some cars.

Why Car Door Light Won’t Turn Off?

Vehicles’ interior lights are automatic and can close up whether you’ve got activated auto headlight mode or not. Here are the possible problems with the door light.

1. Battery Surge:

you’ll disconnect the battery and take away the door box fuse. It’s usually located under the dashboard, near the glove box, or sometimes within the car’s engine compartment. Remove the door lights relay, and this may disconnect the car door light won’t turn OFF.

2. Regulate The Switch:

You might have a cranky regulator for the door light switch. All cars have this switch, and for many, it’s on the dashboard. If you adjust the control to the very best setting, the door light will remain on.

3. Fixing The Faulty Fuse:

I am adjusting this switch to its lowest setting to show off the door light. But if the door light doesn’t change even with the adjustment, then the fuse can be the culprit.

Alternatively, you’ll open the doors and check their switches. If there’s an open switch, press it manually to ascertain whether the door light will explode. But if the regulators don’t click in the least or just nothing is occurring, they’re faulty.

4. Corrupted Closing Door:

You can attempt to start the car and leave it running for 7 minutes. Now, remove the key after turning off the car and shut the doors one by one. The door lights should close up after you shut all the entries. This will fix the car door light won’t turn OFF.

Methods To Repair Door Light That Won’t Turn Off:

Now allow us to debate some methods on the thanks to fixing interior car lights not turning off. Here is the solution for improving the door light that won’t turn OFF.

Step 1:

Adjust the door light switch. Every vehicle has one. Some vehicles include a activate the sunshine and one on the dashboard. The button that controls your dashboard display’s brightness can also start the door lightly when the button is at its highest setting. Turn the switch to the lowest setting to determine if the sunshine turns off. You have got a nasty control switch if adjusting the knob doesn’t dim the dashboard display within the least.

Step 2:

Open each door and locate the door switch. Look for a button stuck within the open position. Manually press each button to determine if the sunshine will deactivate. It would be best if you felt all click. Excessive play or no clicking sound indicates a faulty switch.

Step 3:

Start the vehicle and permit it to run for five minutes. Turn the key off and deduct it from the ignition. Open and shut each door. The light should pack up within five minutes of all entries being closed.

Step 4:

Trace the wiring for each switch. You’ll want to need the vehicle to a mechanic to possess the wiring traced because the wiring situation will run from each door into the vehicle’s frame and terminate at the wiring harness behind the dash.

The lines are getting crossed at a junction point in one of the wiring harnesses for the lights if all of the switches are fully operational. The following procedure can help you from the car door light won’t turn OFF.

Will The Door Light Drain The Battery When ON?

Yes, leaving the car’s interior lights for an extended time will make the battery get drained. But you’ll effortlessly bring the battery back to life with an easy jumpstart. Remove the bulb to avoid draining the battery until a mechanic usually inspects the wiring. You’ll try removing the fuse, but the fuse likely controls multiple interior systems, then you’ll not want to urge obviate it.

How Much Does It Cost For Replacement?

Interior lighting is one of the essential car features, and it makes the vehicle safer for passengers. But if the lights won’t close up, it presents security issues to the car and drains your battery. The value will vary supported location and car model but expect to spend $50-$100 at a specialized workshop.


If your car door light won’t turn OFF, then it’s likely one of the problems above. Sometimes, when another person uses the inside lights and leaves the buttons within the state you don’t usually leave them in, or there’s a fault that needs a correct check.

Based on the car model and electric configuration, you’ll need to try different button combinations to unravel your issue. The dimmer is the button for our case, and once you rotate it in several positions, you’ll find how to show off the sunshine.

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