Why Car Does Nothing When I Turn Key?

One of the worst ways to start out your workday is to urge your car to go to the office and have the vehicle decide it doesn’t want to require you there. Even I experienced the same problem with my car does nothing when I turn key. There are numerous reasons a vehicle might not start, but counting on the symptoms it is often fairly easy for a knowledgeable auto repair technician to diagnose the difficulty. These are a number of the foremost common causes of automotive no-start situations.

What To Diagnose First?

If the car won’t start, check the essential things first.

  • Check the condition of the battery.
  • If the car doesn’t start with the automated transmission in “Park,” does it start in “Neutral”? Sometimes a car won’t start in “Park” but starts in “Neutral” due to drag with a neutral safety switch.
  • Are the battery cables tight and not corroded?

  • Do you think Is there enough fuel within the tank? It is a common situation when the fuel indicator isn’t working properly and therefore the car runs out of fuel with the fuel indicator still showing some fuel left. There are no thanks to checking the reserve aside from the fuel indicator. But you’ll estimate how long did you drive since the last fill-up.
  • Is the “Security” or key-shaped light within the control panel stays on or blinking?
  • Does your car have an anti-theft system that for a few reasons doesn’t allow the car to be started?

Why Car Does Nothing When I Turn Key?

Below is the rationale for the starting trouble for the car.

1. Dead Battery:

If your car has not had any previous symptoms of starting issues then it’s probably thanks to a dead battery. This is often one of the foremost common reasons a car will fail to start out. The battery can die, thanks to lights or other accessories being left on, and since the battery is what provides the facility to urge the car running nothing will happen once you turn the key if it’s dead. You will probably just need a jumpstart to urge back on the road.

2. Failing Starter:

If nothing happens once you turn the key to the “Start” position, it means the starter doesn’t turn over the engine. most ordinarily this might be caused by a dead battery. If the battery checks out OK, but the starter still won’t crank, there might be several possible reasons.

  • The starter solenoid control wire could have a nasty connection.
  • The starter itself or a starter solenoid might be bad.
  • Drag with a neutral safety switch. If a car doesn’t start with the transmission in Park but starts in Neutral, it might be caused by drag with a neutral safety switch or the shifter cable.
  • Drag with the vehicle’s security system or another electronic control module can also prevent the starter from operating.

3. Bad Alternator:

The alternator is what generates electricity while you drive and it stores excess electric power within the battery to make sure the car is going to be ready to start subsequent time you would like it to. If you still need a jumpstart it’s going to be because your alternator isn’t restoring your battery’s power and it’s time for a replacement one.

4. Faulty Ignition:

When you turn the key within the ignition you create an electrical pathway that gets your car running. If that pathway isn’t being completed, thanks to a switch issue the car will crank but not fire, that’s if the key will turn in the least.

4. Fuel Delivery Problem:

A car needs spark, air, and gas so as to run. A clogged filter won’t allow the fuel to pass in high enough quantities to be ready to get to the engine to run. The fuel pump also can fail, meaning there’s no way for the car to pump gas to the engine. In my case, fuel delivery was the problem, where my car does nothing when I turn key.

5. Gasoline Tank Is Empty:

Even if your gasoline tank isn’t indicating on the gauge that the tank is empty and without fuel, this might actually still be the rationale. A fuel indicator can sometimes not read correctly and, be not calibrated within the right way. This will mean you run out of gas, which prevents the engine turn over, and therefore the lights from approaching.

How To Fix Car Not Starting When Turned ON:

Just follow the below instructions, which I followed when my car does nothing when I turn key.

1. Jump-starting a car:

A jump start is a way of starting a car with a weak battery using power from a good battery in another vehicle. You will need jumper cables and another car with a good battery, and it’s a fairly quick procedure. Before that, you may look for the presence of gas inside the fuel tank.

2. Repairing Alternator:

An alternator is nothing but acts like a generator, recharging the battery using the vehicle’s motion. Usually, windings inside the motor or, wiring can be faulty. getting to a mechanic can be an easy way to fix this problem.

3. Fixing Ignition:

The ignition switch could be bad, it’s a common problem. An ignition switch is an electrical switch installed at the back of the ignition lock mechanism. If jiggling the key in the ignition helps start the car, the ignition switch should be checked first.

4. Fixing Fuel Supply:

Fuel supply lines are one such complicated system to find the clogging in the line. You may have to take your vehicle to a nearby mechanic to fix this problem.


To finish up, you presently see every one of the basic errors you may be making, which was the above explanation, that can fix your car from problems. These are the diagnostic procedure and precautions done when my car does nothing when I turn key. I hope you solved the problems by reading this article.

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