Why Did Car Battery Dead After Jump Start?

One day or the other, you will be betrayed by your car battery. You will always have this problem with your battery at least twice a year. It is always usual that the car you so much because not maintained it properly. Even though I have this problem for many years, it won’t get rid of you unless you change them. Let’s discuss why did the car battery dead after jump start and the problem behind it.

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What Causes The Car Battery Dead After Jump Start?

Starting and running the engine is a three-step process. First, the battery should deliver a jolt of power to the starter. This starts the engine, which puts the alternator to work. The alternator completes this process by charging the battery.

Using the elimination tactic, find the defective part by bypassing the battery and jump start your car. If the engine starts, but the battery dies immediately, your alternator probably is not keeping your battery charged. If a jump-start keeps the vehicle running, but the car cannot begin again off of its power, a dead battery is perhaps looking for an answer.

Signs Of A Dead Battery:

Will look how a dead battery reacts:

1. Battery Gauge:

The battery should tend to charge, even while the vehicle is off. The dashboard lights are dim, and something is perhaps going wrong alongside the battery. Try turning on your windshield wipers and lights. Then confirm these are all turned off and another time plan to start the car.

2. Running Out Of Juice:

The automobile battery could be old. As batteries age, they subsided able to retain a charge because the metal inside corrodes. In the typical car, batteries last between 3 to 5 years. Poor cables will also make the car battery dead after jump start. Eventually, the battery charge level diminishes to the aim where the battery cannot hold enough ability to start the car no matter what proportion of power the alternator gives. However, there are steps you will fancy to help preserve your car battery life.

3. Battery Corrosion:

If it still does not start, use a rag to carefully wipe off any corrosion on the battery and have someone jump-start it. After running the motor for a brief time, turn the car off. If you cannot catch on to restart, the alternator often keeps the battery running while the motor is working. Still, the battery is not retaining the charge when the alternator has stopped.

Signs Of A Nasty Alternator:

There are specific lousy alternator symptoms of car battery dead after jump start to look for. Determine the thanks to telling if your alternator is terrible.

1. Dim Interior Lights:

While running the car, look at the brightness of the lights. If the dashboard lights were gradually dim, the alternator is perhaps going guilty.

2. Dim Or Overly Bright Headlights:

Do I look at the headlights getting brighter as you accelerate and dimming as you slow down? This is due to the alternator not keeping the battery charged.

3. Growling Noises:

Did you hear a growling sound before the problem started? That sometimes occurs before an alternator fails.

The smell of burning rubber shows that your alternator is overheating, just like the smell of burning rubber or hot wires? If so, it is time to exchange it.

4. Test The Alternator:

Some may recommend running the engine with the negative battery cable disconnected to see the alternator. However, this is often not a simple idea because it could damage your vehicle’s electrical system and cause more significant problems.

5 Ways To Avoid A Dead Car Battery:

Make use of the tips to avoid a dead car battery.

1. Keep It Cool:

Since heat is an enemy to a car’s battery, parking it during a cool or shaded spot can buy your extra battery time. Your car’s interior is getting to be cooler once you get in, too.

2. Increase Your Driving Time:

Driving short distances could also be sure to kill the battery because the alternator needs time to recharge the battery after it has been started. Short trips with many starts and stops do not allow time for your battery to recover fully.

3. Hamper On Car Battery Drain:

These days, we are asking tons from our cars, with electricity-loving devices like navigation systems, DVD players, MP3 players, smartphones, and onboard computers drain the battery. 

4. Keep It Clean:

Dirt and grease function insulators trap heat around the battery. Wiping it down with a towel regularly will help keep the power-draining grime from accumulating. Inspect care 101 for more engine cleaning tips to help keep your car on the road.

5. Get A Car Battery Charger:

Consider buying a car battery charger if you park your car for long periods; once you escape on vacation, a car battery charger will keep it from going dead while not in use. Learn more about extending the lifetime of your car’s battery.

How To Get Rid Of Dead Car Battery?

Just blindly follow to tips to make your car battery better and lasts for a certain period.

  • Keeping the car still for an extended period will make the electrolytes inside the battery weak. So the battery won’t be able to supply enough power required to start.
  • Countermeasures should be taken if the car battery is bulging. An abnormal battery has many risk factors to make your day worse than ever.
  • Corroded terminals can drain the power even if the engine is turned OFF. Better clean the terminals clean to avoid such problems.
  • Never try to charge a battery on your own unless you know the procedure. Better give to a professional for recharging.
  • Poor cables will also make the car battery dead after jump start. Check for the visible copper lining of wires passing over the battery and other electrical wires too.
  • However you maintain the battery, there is a limited life span for your car battery to work. As it gets old, replace it with a new one. In some retail battery shop, you may get offers if you return the old battery.


It is always you responsible for your car problems. So follow the steps carefully and change the battery if it went old. I hope you found the solution for car battery dead after jump start. 

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